Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sneeek Peeek 22: Voodoochild #1

For some reason,( I guess I'm astoundingly lucky nice people like my stuff! ) I was asked to be cover artist for anew Virgin Comics book, " Voodoo Child". It went through a name change, and I actually did this cover while the character himself was still in the final fleshing out stages, so I was a bit tentative on this one at first. Less so as the newer covers are being done mind you. ( I really like #4 thus far, and I'll show em all later )

Tis written by Mike Carey and apparently originally created by Nick Cage, which I only just realized, heh ( I live in a dark corner of the internet you know )...with art from the amazing Dean Hyrapiet whom I need to remember to beg for a Wormwood pinup.

Don't normally even show my thumbs, but here is is from layout/idea gen through to final. ( well, they asked to change the hand slightly for the printed version )








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r_sail said...

Awesome cover! And, I love seeing the stages of development.