Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Home From Wondercon. Finally.

And it was a wild ride. Thanks to all who came out for the con, as well as the Isotope show and not to mention how great EA was to Antony and I. Will update shortly, but in the thick of it right now, so will give you a taste of what I got up to...err...well, what I walked by at least, because I assure you, I did not go in.

Walking around the streets before the con, I couldn't help but notice how great and seedy SF is compared to San Diego. And Bill O'reilly wants to give this place to Al Qaeda? Bloody killjoy. ( See, I can segue anything into being about insane media kooks ) Anyway, looks like they even made a special effort to make those twitchy fanboys who've yet to actually know the touch of what we call "a woman" all that more special. I thank them for their humanity as I spied this while strolling:



At least they didn't call it "Wonder Cum" I guess.

I have about a bazillion images up on flickr now, but I'll narrate the debauchery in the coming days here on the blog between pages I should be working on.

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