Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Huge Thanks

...to everyone who came out to see me at the Emerald City Comic-con up in Seattle over the weekend. Was again super surprised at the turnout and amazed that again I sold out of all the stuff I'd brought! A special cheers to those who got commissions. Sorry I had to knock back a few, the list filled up rather quickly! Was a great show, and I finally got to have half decent chats to a whole bunch of people, despite the fact I barely had time to leave my table the entire time.

Next con for me is in Orlando, Florida. See the side bar of my website ( www.templesmith.com ) for details of the FX show...and all my shows actually. I know a bunch of peeps read this only on blogger or various other places instead of the main site, with all it's extra info. Sadly I had to pull out of Heroes Con this year in June, due to other travel/personal commitments. Sorry guys! Next year.

Here's some commission photos as well as possibly the best Wormwood ( and Leprechaun ) costumes I've yet seen. These ones will be tough to match. Still waiting to see some strippers with the dragon tattoos walking around a con. ( I think if you tried, you may be arrested sadly! )

The best Wormwood+Leprechaun EVER

The best Wormwood+Leprechaun EVER

Fine details...












Von DEWS! said...

I'm a big fan of your!
We've doing a translation os your comics as a incentive to brazilian's publisher brings works like Woormwood, Singularity7 or Welcome to HoxforD to comicshops here.
Like Fell (already published in Brazil)... it had many fans because blogs like us!
Thanks for comprehension,

you're the Man!

- Von DEWS!

Von DEWS! said...

If you come to Brazil in October's FIQ, then we'll met! =)

Sanskarans - The ART Psycho said...

Another masterpieces from the true master.Great works sir.You have surely made your mark in comic book industry

michaeljsmith said...

great pictures - hope you get to feeling better

- cheers

jabo2099 said...

Sad to hear you aren't coming to Heroes Con. We were really looking forward to seeing you. =(

And yeah, as far as the "South" goes, FL doesn't count. ;)