Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Wormwood volume 02 French Edition Finito

Wormwood volume 02 French Edition

The completed cover. Title will obviously be changed to whatever "It Only Hurts When I Pee" in french or some variant name more specific for the french market of course, as Delcourt do their wonderful design/adaption stuff to it.

I love the way French Publishers package their comics, as well as their overall cultural respect for the medium which is a bit different from the US model. It's just a bit more cultural in feel over there, rather than purely commercial.

It's either that, or I'm just influenced by the French love of drinking at every possible opportunity. Who knows.

YES, there will be an english version hardcover of Wormwood Volume 02, probably be out by early next year. ( hey, they plan these things far ahead of time on the schedule ) but if you still want a copy of the first english hardcover, there's none left except if you're lucky enough to find one left on a shelf in a book store perhaps or ordering some of the last few IDW itself has left via their online store. ( and literally today is probably the last day I'll be able to sign any copies bought there. )

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