Thursday, March 25, 2010

Scenes From The Road 3

I'm leaving for Houston early tomorrow morning. Might be silent til I get back.

I'll be at ComicPalooza this weekend, where I'll be attempting to not get arrested.

Will have prints, original art ( Wormwood, Choker & such ) for sale, as well as doing commissions. $150 for letter sized painted stuff, $250 for 11x17. Just look for the big red banner with the "T" on it. Under this you shall find an exhausted Australian.

Signatures in books and quick sketches cost absolutely nothing. Neither does a chat.

So, onto the many more to come.

Scenes From The Road 3

Ad found in airline magazine.

The "corporate psychic consultant." Really. Worked out great for Enron, Lehman Brothers etc etc am sure.

Scenes From The Road 3

I get my own shelf at A Comic Shop in Orlando. Awesome sauce and a grand shoppe.

Scenes From The Road 3

And we sold the lot at the signing too.

Scenes From The Road 3

I come from a country with no rabies. Thus, this both scares and excites me in a bit of a 28 Days Later fashion. Once bite away from madness and death?

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