Friday, September 10, 2010

Off to Aviles, Spain

I'm shortly off to Aviles, Spain, for a festival. Not exactly sure what the go is though apparently there's a lot of sitting around in bars and drawing for fans on a very casual basis. Yes, it sounds like a lot of horribly hard work.

Anyway, I'll be there, with some art and the capacity to do some lengthier commissions if people want more than bar drawings. I'm getting a few enquiries already so figured I'd get it out there. 160 Euros for A4 and 240 Euros for the larger ones.

I'll have a veeeery small number of copies of SQUIDGIRLS, my hardcover art book I on;y sell at cons, with me. Things are way more cultural over in Europe ( I love that ) instead of sitting at a table all day and hawking your wares but figured I'd bring a few since they're hard to get a hold of until I put them online...

Off to Aviles, Spain


ocelot said...

man...I can't wait til you release it (hardcover still, right?) online. I can't seem to make the cons right now.

anitafrancisco said...

In spain only arives a 10 per cent of your work so is a wonderfull oportunity for learn and see a little bit more about my fabourite artist.
This time I can´t go so I hope you love something from Spain and want to come again.Is great having you here.

5colorcowboy said...

please make squidgirls available online