Monday, July 30, 2007

Templesmith in America 12: A Chat with David Slade

Friday afternoon was the meet up with David Slade, director of HARD CANDY and 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, who was down for the con for a couple days. David is a truly nice bloke, and amazingly wanted to interview me for my spotlight at the con, all about little ol' me, since I was a special guest this year.

Apparently it went ok. People considered us rather funny and humourous, which is good and after awhile I actually got into it. Good crowd too. Well over 100 people. Thanks to those who showed up!




On the way out of the spotlight, we spotted the Redneck Jedi. We couldn't really resist and had to sk him a few questions...


Ahem...after that, we had to head out for a special meeting. David had business, and I was able to tag along and got properly introduced to Grant Morrison and his lovely wife before the Sci Fi party kickstarted. ( hopefully I'll have some interesting news that comes from that one later on! ) I also got to chat with Don Murphy, of Transformers fame among other things.


Sci Fi party...before the Sci Fi party.


Then it was off to the Gentle Giant/Dark Horse party. Among others I got to chat with Mike Richardson about the project we're always threatening to do together and Jeff Henderson, the storyboard artist for 30 Days.


Then off to the William Morris party, which was bloody hard to get into! Still I finally got to have a decent chat with Matt Fraction, rather than a couple of "hey, how are you's" which was super nice. Thought Warren might be there but no dice.


For some reason, a large cauldron with firey stones is apparently cool to have around drunk people.


Convention center on the rooftop at the William Morris party.

Courtesy of David Slade using my camera properly.



More on the con next update.

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