Thursday, August 07, 2008

Dexter Season 2 Yay!

Again, the magical pixie people have brought me gifts in the night, in the form of an advance copy of Dexter Season 2 on DVD.

Actually, I'm just on some list where if you put your hand up, they send you special advance review goodies, so long as you say something about it, good bad or indifferent, they just want to raise awareness this stuff is coming out. Most of it is drok I happily pass on to be honest, but I'm always going to give mad props to the few things I actually really dig. Why you ask? Because there's so bloody little that's actually good, in these days of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan super celebrity retardation. Talent sadly, usually counts for nothing...

Which is why I love Dexter. It's brilliant and well made, and as luck has it, kind of relates to Welcome to a serial killer sort of way. I don't bother with any US series now that you can't say "fuck" in. Which means I basically only bother with Showtime and HBO stuff. It took me ages to bother watching the first series, after everyone started raving about it, but once I did I was completely sold. Can't wait for season 3 starting up in September now either. So if you've never seen it, I recommend it. It's also very pretty. The way it's filmed, the colours and everything is just great.

The DVD actually also has a couple episodes of The Tudors on it, just to try and sucker you into another Showtime show. As I'm also a geek for history I've kinda been into this one too. ( although it's hardly historically accurate ) It's quite nasty and rude ( there's a great King Henry servant jack off scene ) little series. I hope a bunch of people start watching the show if they like the taste of it on the Dexter DVD.

Anyways, I endorse this product and or service. And this from someone that thinks most US TV is about as entertaining as a venereal disease.

Especially since it finally wipes away the bad taste left in my mouth after watching Hellboy 2. I wanted to vomit after all the hokey dialogue and forced romantic schmaltz.

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Shay said...

I approve of this approval of Dexter S2. There really isn't much to watch on American tely, but Dexter is definitely one of the best currently out there.