Thursday, August 14, 2008

Want Hoxford #2 early?

Welcome to Hoxford #2

These are my advance copies for #2.

Want em?

Send a photo of yourself with a copy of Hoxford #1 and the most creative photo I'll send em on out to. Email me here: contact @ templesmitharts dot com. Will pick the winner a week from today. Also post a bunch of them to the blog ( unless you stipulate you don't want it to and/or there is uh, nudity. )

Hoxford #1 is now out, so if you liked it and still don't know how to make sure you get #2, tell your comics retailer its Diamond Order Code: JUN084075 and they should be able to make sure they get a copy.

It's Scheduled to Ship - 9/24/08

More info at:

If you still *can't* get a copy of #1, as your store sold out or just didn't get any in or you have no store...if you really want you can pay crazy money for the shipping from IDW Publishing as their online store is now selling the issue which comes signed complimentary by me, as I currently work out of the offices here.


FUNKED UP said...

ahhh! I dunno how to send msg on this thing. sorry about the wrong info on my blog! I have to start a blog about images I find interesting for my before I start uni and so far my research isn't going too well! you did the art for wormwood tho right? just before i post something els wrong up.

FUNKED UP said...

I dunno how to send msgs and i dunno if my last comment was sent but sorry for the wrong info on my blog. i have to write about images i find interesting before i start uni and so far my research clearly isn't going well. again sorry for that but just to be sure, you did do the artwork for wormwood right and 30 days of night right? before i make anymore wrong posts (must be annoying)