Sunday, July 12, 2009

So...where the hell have I been?

Off having some much needed downtime is where. Also, off down Australia way to touch base with the family, hang low. Was fast approaching burnout, so a good recharge of the batteries was in order. Hadn't really had a life free of immediate deadlines for close to 6 years. It's been glorious, a good time to take stock, think about going in new directions and now I'm itching to get back to it all as I take the slow, scenic route back to the US in time for San Diego Comic-con 2009.

Yes, I'm going. Most definitely. Click the postery type image for the larger version with the full details. Oh, go on.Pretty please?


Most years, I get many people coming up to where I'm signing more by accident and because I have a habit of hanging around than actual knowledge of signing this time I'm trying to let as many people know exactly where I'll be and when I'll be there.

Most of the time I'll be at Splashpage Art. Look for booth #4400 My official home for Comic-con this year. Original art for sale there and yep, I'll be able to do commissions as well! It'll be as many as I can fit in, so in case the list fills up quick, try to get me early so I can fit you in. Generally speaking, $150 for the smaller, letter sized paintings and $250 for the larger. But put any book I've done in front of me to sign and odds are if I'm not knackered I'll happily do a quick sketch for nothing. Never charge for signing books of course. Who would?

Been a strange year. Worked my absolute guts out, near burned out, stopped to smell the roses a little, got some amazing job offers I couldn't refuse and now thinking about all sorts of new stuff.

And to top it off, I'll be going to the UK TWICE later this year ( October and also November ) and Brazil. Not to mention, something planned in Chicago and also Washington DC.

Expect decent updates from here on out til Comic-con...and a fair bit of news coming from the con when it's on. It'll all be utter madness of course.

...and yeah, I love Mad Max a little too much.


Manolis Vamvounis said...

will come by and say hey :)

Neil said...

Good to have you back. said...

It must be really awesome to get to travel the world by doing something you love.

I'm working on getting there some day too :P have fun at comic-con!

Templesmith said...

Yeah, I'm very lucky to get invites to some of the places I do. I love to travel to ( sometimes ) so even better.

Jettski1 said...

When you say "letter sized" what dimensions are we talking? And you paint your commissions? Full color?

Adolfo Enriquez said...

When you were posting every other day I loved it. Seeing your progress pics was always really cool. I am glad that you have taken sometime to yourself. Some people dont realize this needs to be done from time to time.(6 years!)

As always thank you for the art you do and for being so open with fans! Good luck on upcoming projects! ('ahem'...Fell)

Templesmith said...

Cheers sir. More blog stuff coming later today. Just on my final leg home.

Jettski1 said...
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Zaius said...

Welcome 'home'!

I'll be going to the UK TWICE later this year (October and also November)

Cool - will you be at BICS 2009 over the first weekend in October?

Templesmith said...

BICS? Sadly no. MCM Expo in London. I'll be in Brazil early October for a festival there.

Rost said...

nice.. you came to brazil.. i will see you there!!!

i love mad max too!