Monday, July 20, 2009

Special IDW signing.

As a last minute deal, I'll be signing FOR ONE HOUR ONLY, over at IDW ( booth #1705 ) with partner in crime, Chris Ryall on THURSDAY 12PM - 1PM.

( So yeah, a slight alteration to my Splashpage Art whereabouts. ) Please note!

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Anonymous said...

I went in my favorite store, Atomic Comics yesterday to buy the third 30 Days of Night. I did my business, walked out the door and continued to the food court to eat some lunch and maybe get in a couple of pages of the book. Well, on the title page I get a very, very pleasant surprise. You and your partner in crime Steve Niles have left your signatures there. I was really confused to tell you the truth, but I didnt question it. Thanks for the present :D