Saturday, October 03, 2009

Brazil, the UK & Beyond

I had a big long blog post almost written out before I accidentally hit a damn browser tab and lost it all.

The big links post

Suffice to say, I'll be traveling the globe the next two months and going to quite a few places. ( And sadly I have to work on deadlines while doing it too ). My bloggings may be a bit sporadic for the duration, since I probably won't have net and will be out doing things half the time but I'll try to post as much as I can.

Check my main site ( link below) in the appearance section for all the details ( No really, you check my main site don't you? It has all sorts of stuff and useful info on it besides these updates you might see elsewhere, ) but basically, I'll be down in Belo Horizonte, Brazil for FIQ, the MCM Expo in London, visiting a few people around the world then back to the UK for signings for Traveling Man in Manchester, Newcastle, the Leeds Though Bubble festival and a Comica talk with Philip Ridley, as well as a screening of his latest film HEARTLESS and a signing for the boys over at London's Orbital Comics before finally staying in one place for more than a week.

Oh and if anyone knows how to get into the back archives of the British Museum of Natural history for a tour or something, let me know. I want to see the Colossal Squid and babies in jars and such!

In case you didn't know, depending on where you read my rantings, they basically get posted to my main website all the time, I just cross post to a bunch of other places. Sometimes I even post different things at some of them. I've recently expanded the number of sites you can find me on, because I guess I'm insane or care about being accessible or something, so here's the new list of places I have a presence:

My main site:
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Oh and the image? A quickie for a thing for Thought Bubble but also the beginnings of a new project for next year...

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Dominic said...

When are you in Newcastle?