Saturday, October 31, 2009

Back in San Diego. ( Well, for 2 weeks )

Special Wolvie Ebay Auction

Finally made it back to the studio with a whole bunch of work to do despite finishing a bunch on the road. I can finally upload a whole swag of pictures of my travels too. Had a great time since my last bloggings obviously. New York and London were a blast. I didn't even get bird, swine or regular bland flu.

But before then, I just put up that wolverine painting I previously did on ebay, not for me but to help cover a friends US health care expenses ( yes, they charge you mega bucks when even something small needs treating and you're not able to pay wads of cash to bloated corrupt insurance corporations profiting off your well being, go figure. It'd be rather quaint by the rest of the western world's standards if it wasn't so horrific, ) So yeah, this one is for a worthy cause and you'd be not only getting a piece of art ( it's at least half decent I reckon ) but you'd be helping out a delightful young lady into the bargain. It's just a shame it comes to things like this.

More stuff later, including shortly, a whole bunch on CHOKER, which will be coming out this February and I'm deep into working on right now.


Nate Simpson said...

That drawing is rad. I hope it gets bid way, way up -- it's totally worth it.

Templesmith said...

Nate, just sent you an email you talented sod!


Hey now, the hospital only charges five bucks for a fifty cent (and that's fifty cents retail) yogurt.

Stay on groovin' safari,

Patrick said...

Damn! I wish I found out about that Wolverine ebay offering sooner than today. Winning bidder got a great deal for a great cause.