Wednesday, January 06, 2010

An odd confluence of events...

I don't actually tend to regard what I do as all that great. I've even 'gotten in trouble' in the past for giving honest opinions on my own work but hey, I'm one lucky SOB that enough of you nice people *do* seem to like what I do, which I'm hugely thankful for and hope never to take for granted! I still prefer to try and be my own worst critic though. It's a good day indeed when I really truly like a piece of art I've done.

But over the holidays, I realized it was apparently the end of a decade and duh, a new year anyway, so everyone started making those list things, and apparently my name or work came up a few times, which made me thoroughly chuffed. It's not about awards and crap like that, who needs them ( unless I win, then forget I said that ) but having your name brought up enough times is definitely some sort of sign you're on the right path hopefully.

So cheers to for thinking 2 of my covers are worthy enough to be in their top 100 for the decade! reckons 2 books I did are the best ( or almost ) of the decade and Newsarama apparently thinks I'm worth watching this year for some reason. Horribly honoured when people say nice things about me since...well...most of you see what I write on twitter!

CHOKER ECCC exclusive cover work in progress

Oh yeah, after listening to me waffle on, here's a work in progress shot of the special cover to CHOKER #1 just for the Emerald City Comic-con.

If you want to see more, I'll have a 'how I do the art' section in the back of the book, not online!

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