Friday, January 29, 2010

A Scammer replies...

So I sent the same email to several of the scammers who spammed me ( see furtherback in my tumblr ). Two have replied. Here’s one of them, and then my reply. Let’s see if I can get any details off *him*. ( Would love to send him a bunch of bricks via his fedex account or something. )

From:Mr. Lucky James David

Dear Ben Templesmith
Director, CEO
Hugarses Inc.

How are you?? thanks for your mail and you are welcome.As I received your email and it’s contents are understood. In This transaction you will stand as the next of kin so that we will claim the inheritance sum 21Million for our personal use instead of our bank to confiscate the huge sum.

Reference to the percentage,you will be entitled to 40% of the total sum as soon as the money is transfered to your account.60%be for me.

if you accept the percentage and to work with me within 5 bank working days the money will be transfered to your account and i will come to your country for the disbursement as agreed with you.

With out delay kind stated clear and send to me on email your information to enable me submit it to the paying bank by monday and i shall send you an application to fill and email to the paying bank .

Your Full Name
Your Address
Swift Code

Ones i receive this i shall submit it on monday and get back to you ,however,call me on telephone number for any clarification .Please on the issue of Fedex courier note i dont want any person or my bank officials to know much about because ones the funds transfer i will resign and fly to meet you as agreed.

You should not have any autom of fear in you email me your details via on my email here because i dont want any an eyes saw on our business transaction as its very secret and you should treat this transaction with the utmost secrecy it demands because of my position in this bank. Please be kind to follow my instruction and advice and let us acheive this now.

I am looking forward to hear from you.
Respectfully submitted,
Mr. Lucky James David

And so, I reply:

Dear James David, or please, since we are friends, may I call you Lucky?

I am very good, thank you! My company, Hugarses has just won an award for worlds best practice in anal fissure treatments. We are even now planning to look beyond the rectum in our business dealings.

Now, on to the matter at hand. Your offer sounds amazing. Yes, it would be much better that instead of the bank getting such a sum, that we should. I fully agree to this plan and I believe, for no particular reason at all that we are entitled to this money. So long as we know this, nothing will go wrong!

I will be happy to send you details, however, for security reasons and to make sure the tax man is not informed, I will have a courier physically send you all the details you have requested. I do not believe in leaving paper trails, especially electronic ones, as I’m sure you’d agree. Do you have a FedEx account I may send you the material with? Certainly I will also need an address to send to. Do this now, and I can have the papers to you by Monday ready for you.

Also, I have several accounts in several countries. I will need to know from you, which nation will be best for these? I operate in the USA, Australia, the UK and also the small territory of Anguilla. Anguilla may be best as I keep my own personal fortune there and I assure you they give very good service.

Once you have confirmed which is best, I will send the relevant details.

I look forward to a good and prosperous business relationship with you Lucky!

Your friend,


Director, CEO
Hugarses INC


GKLGY said...

"I believe, for no particular reason at all that we are entitled to this money."


Templesmith said...

Still don't think it beats the initial email where I stated " I was looking off shore for future investments so you really did email me out of the blue completely randomly at exactly the right time."

The first email back and forth ( different scammer though, but I sent the same reply to several ) is on my tumblr:

Anthony Diecidue (dee-etch-eh-doo-eh) said...


Spacey Tuna said...

I seriously love his AWESOME use of english. Really top drawer. said...

You deserve a medal for this, that was awesome!

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