Friday, February 26, 2010

Comic Book Jones, CHOKER sells out & my new online store...

Comic Book Jones

Have a brief moment to update the blog between stuff...

The CHOKER tour kicked off over in New York on Staten Island with the awesome blokes at Comic Book Jones...all the while I was apparently receiving emails saying CHOKER has basically sold out already and is now on back order with the if you want a copy better get in quick! We'll see if we can reprint it. I may do a new cover if there's time on the road. McCool and I are well chuffed.

Not only that but my new ONLINE STORE at went live on wednesday. For now there's only CHOKER cover original art up mostly...but coming are many interior pages, Wormwood and Hoxford art, prints, books and a ton of other exclusive merchandise stuff I'll be doing up.

Last but not least, the final Wormwood ( for now ) issue goes live with Sony on the PSP!

Comic Book Jones

Thanks hugely to all who came out to CBJ to see Ben McCool and I. Fantastic night, sold out of all the in store copies of the book and a bunch more!

Comic Book Jones

Yet another great Wormwood tattoo. More Wormwood *IS* in the works btw...

Comic Book Jones

Live band!

Comic Book Jones

Rodney Ramos decides to improve the canned American toilet water.

Comic Book Jones

I commandeer the store.

Staten Island Morning

The next morning. Awesome snow.

NYC Ferry in the snow

On the ferry back to NYC, the city shrouded in the snowy mess.


Jason said...

You're in NY?! Any way you could make it up to the Southern Tier, Ben?

mgw said...

First - "More Wormwood *IS* in the works", and now "More Fell coming".
A Dream Came True...