Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A ComicBook Orange give CHOKER some love

Episode 5.3 – Antony Johnston & Choker
If you can't see the video, checkout their main site.

"Choker is a science fiction noir about a retired detective, in a world where biotech crime runs rampant, who is called back by the police to solve one more crime. Shades of Blade Runner? Sure, but that's not a bad thing, not when its done this well.

Ben McCool makes the concept his own, elegantly introducing all the elements without boring exposition. Special attention should be given to McCool's rich dialogue; not since cable TV's Deadwood has such an enjoyable mix of vocabulary and cursing come together.

Templesmith once again knocks it out of the park in the art department. He has long mastered illustrating horrible people enjoying doing horrible things to each other. But he also delivers on the quieter moments that round out even the roughest characters with bittersweet cores. Rich coloring completes the package, adding an extra emotional charge to the scenes.

Choker kicks off to a promising start with issue #1 coming out this week. We give it 4.5 Oranges out of 5."

Cheers guys!

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