Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Art of Wormwood

Yep, it's coming...August I think, but am half asleep so don't quote me on that as yet.

Figured I'd show this since me boss made this cover live on his blog already ( oh how Mr Ryall hates it when I call him "boss", though to me it's a term of affection!'s like the man wishes to actually appear like a human being or something and not an overseer! ) Nonetheless he is an awesome boss man, along with Ted Adams at IDW Publishing.

The Art of Wormwood should be jam packed with a bunch of unpublished material, along with all the covers that have ever been, a new short story just for the book and probably a few other surprises.

EDIT: Did I mention there's going to be an extremely low number uber rare signed sketched edition? Well, there will be.

The Art of Wormwood

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