Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Fiiiinally. New Project: 30 Days of Night: Blood of Christ

First cover for the new project. Most ambitious one to date if I do say so myself. Lots of biblical research and even had a meeting with a couple of theological scholarly types to ask a few questions. Mostly about that bastard, Judas.

3 issue mini. Both writing and drawing it.

30 Days of Night: Blood of Christ

Of course, it *is* April 1st...


Super-Munkyboy said...

I was expecting more backlash and angst about this piece...hmmm weirdness.

Dada Dede said...

hey hey...woooopa i´ve seen a huge part of your work (it`s hard to get it in Mexico), i really like it...but there is a constructive criticism (i`m not sure if those are the correct words) i´d like to say...welll write, it`s the same...perhaps you should try to make something new, i mean i´ve just seen RED SNOW and it just stop being atractive, it looks like all of your works, i mean it´s not bad (it´s your stile and it´s fantastic) but it doesn´t call the atention like it used to...you shoul improve your writing thats for sure (every person should do it...)

Of course i don´t expect you to take this seriously, i`m just a 17 year old (by the way tomorrow is my birthday...jojo) damned girl, that loves films, comics, books, music and all that stuff...i´m not a profesional (i will)

Oh Jebús...keep working hard man, your work is amazing, but from my point of view it needs a little swing...for being better

Mmmm...i´ll write this in spanish, i should improve my english...
Pues bueno te felicito y agradezco enormemente, desde que me tope con 30 days of night le volví a tomar el cariño a los comics y novelas gráficas...por cierto, la pelicula fue espctacular, tu arte plasmada completamente en ella y en la pagina web me hicieron pasar momentos estupendos... felicidades...

"Cuando alfìn pudo despertar fue cuando el sueño se voviò màs real, muchos ya no estaban, no tenìa idea de lo que habìa sucedido. Ahora todo se veìa diferente, nùnca hubiese visto el mundo de aquella manera...asi fue còmo Pirule dejò de buscar a su madre y se volviò transexual...sì, asì era mejor"

Oh Oh OH...if you are able it would be great if you give a look at these



(i don`t know what people think now a days...were are getting so strange)...it´s my brothers website, he is a graphic designer, perhaps you like it perhaps not....who cares...have a nice time....see ya in helll...(local joke)...