Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I made the RACKED LA fashion blog! Apparently I'm some sort of slight fashionista now, ( Or just a pretentious prick in a suit...yeah, probably just that ) but I do the clothing enough that it's worthy of a fashion blog to cover me & a few of my friends.

They got it slightly wrong though. My suits are tailor made, so are the shirts, in Asia, as copies of an original Ben Sherman suit that was off the rack ( and thus nowhere near as well fitting ) Wish he'd got me on another day when I was wearing my custom cobra skin shoes though. Dang it.

It's definitely nice that someone was there willing to put media out there that not all comic types wear star trek outfits all the time. It's nice to break stereotypes instead of enforce them ( which is what mainstream media usually does in my experience, ).

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Nate Simpson said...

Looks like you had a great time, man. Hope I can make it out there next year.

And I need to find your tailor. The guys in Korea who made my suit flat out refused to give me a tight fit. It was giant shoulders or nothing. There are no Mods in Korea, apparently.