Tuesday, July 27, 2010

San Diego Comic-Con 2010

It's OVER. Regular sleep ( somewhat ) can resume.

Drawing. Oh so much drawing.
Shaking hands.
Meeting new people.
Meeting old people.
Making dirty jokes.
No sleep.
Shaking more hands.
Remembering why I do comics.
Destroying my brain trying to remember people's names after since meetings over the previous year...
More drinking.
Learning my place has about a 4 guest limit before we enter Bangledeshi illegal immigrant worker dormitory territory.
More drinking.
LIVE ART and suit abuse!
Even less sleep.
Remembering what's important to me.
Walking like an old man for 4 hours.
Saying goodbye to old friends and new.

Huge thanks to all you lovely people who came out.

More pictures...like this...soon.

Yes, I am an utter tool. I never said otherwise.

San Diego Comic-Con 2010


Patrick Shand said...

You always look dapper at cons. I'm sure the other artists envy the dapposity.

Coming to NYCC?

Templesmith said...

Yes, I'll be at NYCC for sure.

Patrick Shand said...

Sweet, see ya there. I'll bring some Wormwood to get signed.

V said...

Wish I lived in the US for this reason only, we hardly don't have any cons. Is comics a sin or are they unrelated to that picture?

Unknown said...

Thank you so very much for signing all that Wormwood for me, I am endlessly delighted to show them off whenever people come over asking what I did at comic-con.

I realize it's now been over a month since the con... but well... I figure a good thank you note is better late than never :)

(This is the Megan Fox of your Twitter fame btw)

And I agree with what Patrick said, yes very dapper indeed. You haz style.