Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Where I'll be this San Diego Comic-con

San Diego Comic-con & Templesmith

What the poster says basically!

Click for the larger version.


Stiv McCoy said...

I discovered your Wormwood series on my PSP. I ended up reading them all digitally and it got me interested in checking out some more comics. So digital comics are gaining artists some new fans, just thought you'd like to know.

Templesmith said...

Thanks Glampunk!

Yeah the digital stuff is pretty cool and still developing... but nothing will ever stop my love of the real physical books. Hope you check some of those out sometime too as most of mine aren't on the PSP. ;-)

Kiel said...

Any chance of a cyberman print being available for sale in the near future? Or any Dr. Who as well...love your work!

Templesmith said...

Not actually allowed ( nor shall I be selling ) prints of such properties man, though I always run a couple artist proofs to see how they print/look as a final coloured version. I may be persuaded to part with it/them at the con.

Stiv McCoy said...

Well I did pick up the "Art of Wormwood" book. Gonna try to pick up some more "analog" comics at the local shop soon. But anyways I really like your artwork.

I hope comic-con is a blast, I'll be sadly absent since it, ya know, sold out in November or something. Have a good time!