Friday, August 17, 2007

30 Days of Night Movie Talk and My Handwriting...

Rotten Tomatoes have me up on their 30 Days of Night movie page yapping about the film. Disturbingly, I appear to be on the front page...which is sort of freaking me out seeing my ugly mug there.

There's also interviews up there from Comic-con with Josh Hartnett, director David Slade, Ben Foster and Sam Raimi. Check em all out.

You know, if I remember rightly, while chatting to an awesome guy playing one of the lesser vamps during one of my set visits, at 3am in the middle of a freaking field we jokingly decided he should be named "Templesmith" in the film....of course it'll never actually be known to anyone but us as I doubt it makes the credits, but the peeps were encouraged to name their characters, to help them get in the mood etc, even if they weren't the main vamps who had actual names. Sure beats "Vampire no.12" eh? What was best about it is he was wearing a shirt I'd drawn straight out of the book...literally my handwriting ( As David was *that* faithful to the visuals of the comic ) so if you want to pick who it is, go check the book. New Zealanders make very disturbing vampires, lemme tell you.

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