Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Templesmith in America 17: NYC

Well, I came, I saw, I drank, I did the biz, and I left.

Well I tried to leave. New York flooded this morning. Subway knocked out apparently so every human being ( as well as a few other things ) were trying to catch a cab this morning.

The wait on a private car was one hour.

Fuck it then.

We only got a taxi thanks to carpooling abilities and a really nice driver from somewhere close to Ghana. Easiest $140 he's probably made, but good luck getting back into the clusterfuck that is NYC.

Oh, and they lied to me. New York is sleepy as hell. All the big places shut on us just as were always getting hungry. The bars were open however, but even I need something other than alcohol sometimes.

So now, my flight is delayed by 30 mins to an hour, thanks to the backlog of air traffic they have to get through and I'm sat here at the gate wating to go to longbeach on JETBLUE.

If you fly within America ( yes, it's shit at the best of times from my experience ) then please for the love of god ( or whatever other deity you hold to be true ) fly JETBLUE. They got some bad press recently but frankly, they're the best airline for domestic US travel I've ever had. At least, please don't ever tell me you've flown on the maggot blown corpse that is DELTA. I hate them with a passion.

Anyways. JETBLUE. Huge amount of legroom. 36 Channels of Satellite TV and even better, FREE WIRELESS IN THE SHITTY JFK AIRPORT.Oh, and they like to fly direct. Yes, you now don't have to visit Buttfuck, Texas, just because some asshole airline needs to fly through there to get from one side of the continent to the other. I have a 6 hour flight of tv and writing to look forward stops.

This place reminds me of india. ( If I'd ever been to India.) Huge number of people crowded into a shitty old building, sweating their asses off with lots of strange noises, old men hacking up lungs, babies crying...all very pleasant on a day it gets "hot" here on the east coast at a mere 100 degrees. ( which is a warm summers day where I'm from...not that I like it. )

California, I miss you.

Can you tell I'm bored? I have 45 minutes to go.

And I'm turning into an old man. I have grey hair now. Colostomy bag is in the planning stages.

It could be worse. Last time I left NYC, it was an hour before the big blackout. I think I'm pretty damn lucky.

Update with pictures coming soon as I find my bloody camera hookup cable.

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