Sunday, August 12, 2007

Templesmith in America 18: La Finale


Before I left San Diego, I dropped by the IDW Publishing offices, and signed a few stacks of books. Look for them at their online store. ( over at )


Delving into an editor's mind by looking at his office toy setup.


Well it was goodbye San Diego, a week or so after Comic-con...


And off to a brief visit of Utah. The most Republican state left in America. The best thing about Utah was the sunsets. Ignore the lower level of healthy brown haze pollution in the picture though.


Then it was off to the East Coast for some meetings. New York= Pea Soup but not as tastey. I seriously hate NYC summer. The sweet smell of trash, cooking in the heat, the sweat, the hellish subway ( before it got flooded as I left ) Yet I never get to visit in the cooler months. Bugger.


A giant rat. No, I don't know why either.


Hanging on a street corner at midnight in the Bronx. I was not shot.


The best comic store in NYC, Midtown comics.


Back home in Perth going out for breakfast before starting to tackle the macklog of work and correspondence I need to get to. A sunny winters day.

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