Monday, October 29, 2007

Hello Manila

Ok, the flight sucked to be honest. I'm sure the woman singing behind me enjoyed it, but unfortunately, I use the word " singing" to be kind.

Manila, not seen much yet, about to go out to do some press stuff and a preview screeing of the 30 Days movie tonight with them.

Got a tour of the book store last night that I'll be at most of the week by Jaime and his lovely lady. I was so wrong. I thought it was a 3 story book store. No, "Fully Booked" is actually 5 levels of books for sale, with a starbucks inside a theatre and a part deck on the roof. And it's all the vision of Jaime, who's flown me out here, done up some big ass banners with my art on and really done something amazing. It's also in the most expensive primo trendy area of Manila apparently, ( it looks it ) and is truly something to behold. He designed and built it himself too, being an architect.

The GN section is huge. Huge. Why can't stores everywhere be like this.

Anyways, more later, when I get a chance, plus pictures I hope. ( I am taking them )

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