Thursday, October 11, 2007

You can take the boy out of the office...

...but not the office out of the boy.


Hardcore bitches. Finishing up Wormwood comic pages at connecting airport on my way to LA. If it has to get done, it *has to get done* really.

I'm out around the globe currently, partly for my art show, partly for a certain movie I had a little hand in and partly for a bunch of signings internationally that will bloody kill me.


The first thing you should always do when you get to America, is go to a "Save-On" ( depressing retail store where old people go to die ) and look for anti-Urine products to mock at 1am. ( no, those are not my hands )


Welcome to LA. Mural at 2am after food.

Posting will be sporadic for awhile, but updates when I can! I'll actually be guest blogging for next week, so during that time, I'll just be posting links to what I'm up to over there, with it all reverting back here afterwards.

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