Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Week That Was 2

This week I'll be running my chronicle of what I got up to recently, which was over on the Powells blog in case any of you guys missed it, I was diligently blogging about my escapades for a week and a bit over there. ( which is pretty amazing sometimes considering the state I was in. )


The Calm before the Storm

Tuesday has mostly been spent cruising around LA with 30 Days of Night Director David Slade, endulging the fetish for toys and art books I have. It keeps me poor, but happy, plus, legally they’re valid for my work. Hello Mr Tax Man.

Along the way to Giant Robot and a few other places, where the cute critters below are from, I was shown one of the impressive sites of the double huge billboard you can see here. Rather impressive, though the best one I’ve yet to get a shot of is a poster that’s a virtual half a high rise building. Yeah. Big.



So, while walking, we spot a few of the other posters. David has a thing for making the images look like Ipod commercials since they’re made for it. We’d fantasized about doing it before, at San Diego Comic-con he was signing a few of the posters…but confronted with the perfect opportunity, and with me having a silver sharpie…how could we resist.

So we did it. Somewhere in Melrose is a David Slade/Ben Templesmith collaborative effort 30 Days of Night Ipod exclusive poster. I did the top, he did the bottom stuff. We did not get arrested.


Further on, the posters get ridiculous. They really work placed next to each other. Very stark and kinda hard to miss.


Upon our return from our art/toy binge, finally, and to great relief, the tickets for the Premiere tomorrow night are delivered. Huzzah! Pretty little things they are too. The party afterwards should be interesting. Expect pictures…assuming they’re allowed and I’m still conscious.


In a strange turn of events, I am apparently going to be interviewed along with Steve Niles for Fox News tomorrow. I’m kind of reluctant to do TV stuff, but meh, when is little ol’ me going to get that sort of chance again?

To end the night, we just got back from a great dinner, with David and friends, including the newly arrived editor of the film Art Jones and fresh off the plane Mark Rendall, who played Jake in the movie. Good food, good company and a large bill.

God, I have to get up early…tomorrow is D-Day. La Film Premiere.


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