Friday, October 26, 2007

The Week That Was 5

All this week I'll be re-running my chronicle of what I got up to recently, which was over on the Powells blog last week in case any of you guys missed it, I was diligently blogging about my escapades for a week and a bit over there. ( which is pretty amazing sometimes considering the state I was in. )


Bound for the Scream Awards

No photos today. Yesterday, while one of the most important days of my life so far, kind of would have made for extremely boring pictures. So just some art instead from the latest thing coming out called “Wormwood” after I finished my last 30 Days of Night book “Red Snow” which was sort of a prequel I also got to write myself.

Apart from catching up on a little sleep and recovering from all the recent hijinks, I went on over to the offices of IDW, the publisher of 30 Days of Night, as well as the comic I still write and draw for them Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse. They’re practically my home away from home. I even met my wife there while working for them. ( and said goodbye to her yesterday too as she had to fly back to Australia early for work leaving me all alone )

So, we’ve worked out a deal and looks like I’ll be moving back to the States for awhile and will hang about the office doing various projects on top of the usual books I’m already doing. It’s something that’s been on the cards for awhile, since the US dollar is now resembling the peso unfortunately, and in Australia, everything is booming and costs on everything, especially property are at all time highs…so why not move back to the place where 1 US dollar is worth exactly 1 US dollar? ( ahem, apart from the whole inflation thing of course )

While there, we also dealt with the fact I’m flying around the globe for practically the next month, and that’ll unfortunately have a slight affect on the scheduling for the latest Wormwood story arc, “Calamari Rising”. Not saying it’ll be insanely late…just a little bit, due to the fact I’ll be doing signings and a convention in places like the Philippines ( next week I think ) and France mid next month. Crazy fun, but taking me away from work for a bit. Lots of slaving at the hotel desks when I can find the time I think. It’s not like I haven’t done that before!


It’s going to be a shame that to cap this week off I’ll be going to the Scream Awards back in LA, but won’t be able to share it on the big powells blog I guess, but that’s where I’ll be. I’m actually up for an award for best artists for my work on Wormwood, which I’m highly chuffed about though I know I won’t win, wht with the other high profile artists in the field there, but the book 30 Days of Night that Steve and I did is also up for nomination ( strange though, considering we did that 5 years ago now? ) and the vibe on that one…with the movie especially…well, who knows we might just get there.


I’ll be heading up to LA with IDW editor Chris Ryall for this thing, and will be interesting to see what these award things are all about. Apparently they’ll be on TV, though no idea if they’ll be live or not. Either way, should 30 Days or I win anything, look for the tall skinny chap in a brown stripped suit and cons on. ( yes, I will look like David Tennant’s Doctor Who basically ).

Been a fun week, with some crazy amazing opportunities being thrown my way and experiences you just can’t buy. I mean, how many comic book artists get to stay with the director of the film version of their book and ride with them to the premiere of the movie? Not many I’d guess. Many thanks to David Slade for that, as well as, of course, making the movie what it is. I noticed so much more on the viewing at my second screening than the first. I hope the rest of you guys like it. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out and feel like the luckiest guy on earth I’ve been a part of it in such a unique way.

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