Sunday, December 28, 2008

Animal Farm

Animal Farm

I drew up another one of those"do your own cover" classic books from Penguin. For me, out of the whole range of blank covered books Animal Farm is my favourite. Even more than Dracula ( which I also have a copy of I need to do a cover for )

Put it up on ebay if anyone wants to take a look before the auction ends.


Unknown said...

Big fan Mr. Templesmith. This is a absolutely brilliant cover that more than adequately captures the heart of the book. I wish public schools would take that cover, as I think kids would be really interested in the book.

Robin said...

I'm glad this fetched you enough money to buy the kitties some food, because I thought it was worth even more than it sold for. I just didn't have the cash to bid, or I would've bought those cats a damn condo. This piece is WONDERFUL.

I love your blank cover books. I hope you'll keep doing them!

Templesmith said...

Yep, have a few left, including several Draculas...I actually really enjoy doing these blank covers to such classic works. I plan on doing a bunch more. Just wish there was more titles in the range!

arni beck said...

Damnit, you have time to draw like that, but no time to draw it for me? Hehehe.

They should market that cover.

Reuben said...

Have you seen Ralph Steadman's illustrated version of Animal farm by any chance?