Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Presidents Of The United States

The text with these is in no way finalized and needs to be cleaned up in all probability, but here's how the interiors of the book will pretty much look!

Let your retailer/book store know "PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES" has a diamond order code of: NOV084121 or that it's ISBN number is: 1600103448 if you actually want a copy to come in. You have to be proactive with these sorts of books or it'll never even make it to many stores for you to look through!

If all else fails you can always find it on Amazon here.

Hope you dig them.





Unknown said...

Absolutely awesome work. I'm going to try to pick this up when it comes out.

Unknown said...

Nice! A U.S. Presidential history book that someone would actually /want/ to read and look at!

Great portraits.

G said...

Great stuff, Mr. T! :)
Some look awesomely realistic. And might I just add that these could be bank notes of the future...

valium said...

the images look amazing !!
I'm not sure I'll buy it though because of the context of it, but I've kept it in my amazon "wish-list".

cheers !! :D