Friday, December 12, 2008

Wormwood Pint Glasses!

A quick note on the Pint Glasses!

Sadly, thus far there's not been enough orders to justify going ahead with production of them. ( Curse you financial crisis, curse you! ) And in order to meet the manufacturing costs they need at least another couple hundred orders...I know there are several good retailers out there seeing what they can do, but if you ever wanted to see these things, now is probably your last chance to make it happen by putting an actual order in for them with your retailer as soon as possible. Like I said, it's not a profit thing, it's all about simply meeting the costs of production. If IDW can't do that, no pint glasses alas. So check the info below and see what can be done if indeed you peeps want these things to exist.

Remember, it's a set of 4 for $20 USD.

You can even order them from online places like here way cheaper than that.

Let your kind retailer know it's Diamond order code is: NOV08 4122.

Wormwood Pint Glasses!

Wormwood Pint Glasses: Mr Pendulum

Wormwood Pint Glasses: Ms Medusa

Wormwood Pint Glasses: Wormwood Gentleman Corpse

Wormwood Pint Glasses: Phoebe Phoenix


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