Wednesday, December 03, 2008


So behind right now...if you're waiting for an email from me, be patient, I will get to them. Just came off a big deadline with yet more things needing to get done straight away so am quite exhausted and dead in the head. Though with the latter, I am like that most of the time anyway.

Here's some commissions I did while in Texas recently. I have more photos but have to format em and find the time to put them up yet...

Basically I don't do commissions, I sadly have to say no or I'll never get any work done and don't like charging what I'd have to to justify putting them on par with the work that pays my rent! BUT, when at cons where I'm just sitting at booths all the time I will probably start doing some, after such a positive experience in Texas, so if you know you'll be at a show and want one, those would be the rare times I'd be open to doing more proper commissions in the future. I did these ones for $250 a pop. ( Well except the first one )

So far, upcoming cons I'll be at where you should be able to get one off me would be: Phoenix con in January, New York Comic-con in Feb, Heroes con in...June I think it is. San Diego Comic-con as well probably.







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Neil said...

I'd like to go ahead and put my name on the list for Heroes Con please. ;)