Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The TempleSith Star Wars Project



The first in a series of quick character sketches of every single half decent Star Wars character that appears in the original trilogy... in the order they basically appear in the films.

Yes, I'm nuts, but always wanted to collect all the figures when I was a kid, and now I'll just bloody draw them myself instead!

These first two are up on ebay as well. Huzzah! C3PO here and R2D2 here.

Aviles Festival


Aviles. So much foooood, and talking, then more food, then more talking, and lots of drinking. In fact, drinking only seems to start at the festival when LAST CALL would be called in San Diego.


Diego and Jorge, Aviles supremos

Diego and Jorge, Aviles supremos

The actual festival. You sit at the cafe, you draw, they buy you drinks. Repeat.

The actual festival

Jock. Or at least the man formerly known as Jock.

Jock. Or at least the man formerly known as Jock.

Meeting the mayor of Aviles. She thanked us for coming over. Wonder if the Mayor of San Diego actually gives a crap Comic-con comes to town.

Meeting the mayor of Aviles

Award Ceremony. I actually won 2 of the "fun" awards.

I kid you not, "Most handsome guest" and the George Perez award for "Coolest guest".

I didn't bribe anyone. Honest.

Award Ceremony

This is not America.

This is not America.

Streets of Aviles.

Streets of Aviles

Roman bones.

Roman bones.

The Amstel Cometh. PROPER APPLES. Cheers Jock.

The Amstel Cometh

I made it into a Spanish newspaper.

I made it into a Spanish newspaper

Monday, September 27, 2010


It’s meeeeeee talking the usual bollocks about what I do, on CBR TV. This is from Comic-con International, on a BOAT.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Aviles Spain

Aviles Spain

Had a great time over in Spain for the Aviles festival. Got a bunch of photos of things and art I did on the trip, that I'll post up eventually. Just got to get far too much work done as well before New York Comic-con!

Needless to say though, it was fantastic to meet/and or hang out and spend some real time with the likes of Jorge, Diego, Molly, Jim, Wendy, Gary, Vy, Jock, Mark, Irma, Marc, Rodney, Tim, Essad, Ramon and a slew of people I forget right now.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Le Batman

Le Batman

Done to get some kinks out of my system.

Le Batman.

I always like getting messy and dirty using watercolour and acrylic on thin, photocopy paper. It just creates a roughness and randomness I dig. Like my old 30 Days of Night art really.

Shamelessly put it on eBay. ( It's better than having it fester on a pile of art any day if someone wants it! )

Friday, September 10, 2010

Off to Aviles, Spain

I'm shortly off to Aviles, Spain, for a festival. Not exactly sure what the go is though apparently there's a lot of sitting around in bars and drawing for fans on a very casual basis. Yes, it sounds like a lot of horribly hard work.

Anyway, I'll be there, with some art and the capacity to do some lengthier commissions if people want more than bar drawings. I'm getting a few enquiries already so figured I'd get it out there. 160 Euros for A4 and 240 Euros for the larger ones.

I'll have a veeeery small number of copies of SQUIDGIRLS, my hardcover art book I on;y sell at cons, with me. Things are way more cultural over in Europe ( I love that ) instead of sitting at a table all day and hawking your wares but figured I'd bring a few since they're hard to get a hold of until I put them online...

Off to Aviles, Spain

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Quick Wolvie+Psylocke

Quick Wolvie+Psylocke

Banged out a quick one, since I think I'm becoming addicted to drawing Psylocke & Wolverine as a form of stress relief between the other stuff!

Since the other one went down so well, this one has become my semi-regular eBay auction too.

Quick Wolvie+Psylocke

Quick Wolvie+Psylocke

Quick Wolvie+Psylocke

The 13th Doctor WIP

The 13th Doctor WIP

Forgot I had these, so may as well show. My ideas for the "final" 13th incarnation of Doctor Who for the rather popular thread on Warren Ellis's Whitechapel. ( see a recent previous entry below for links and such to all the Dr Who art since I'm lazy and it's 4:22am )

The 13th Doctor WIP

The 13th Doctor WIP

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Friday, September 03, 2010

Any ideas on when we can get our hands on squidgirls via the Internet?

Hopefully next week I'll have a batch up. ( And if not then, then by the end of the month )

Ask me anything

CHOKER 4 & Crazy Times

Secret Headquarters Signi

Alrighty, so I was out in LA for a bit for a signing and shennanigins at The Secret Headquarters with the delightful Brea Grant for her book WE WILL BURY YOU. Crazy night ending with playing HALO: REACH in a special room below a trap door with Nathan Fillion teaching me how not to suck too much. Very weird. But awesome. Caught up with old friends and new including Todd Stashwick, Dennis Calero, David and Erica and a fair few more.

I even got a sonic screwdriver as a gift.

Secret Headquarters Signing

Secret Headquarters Signing

Secret Headquarters Signing

Secret Headquarters Signing

But what else happened? Wondered where CHOKER got to? Well, it's BACK. Hopefully more or less on schedule. ( Ahem, *more or less*. ) Personal apology from me for the lateness in the back of it. All my fault.

Issue 4 hit store shelves wednesday this week.

Still not sure if it's worth it? Well, Image Comics have sent out a huge 9 page preview of the issue...if you like what you see, let your retailer know and they may just have copies of 1-3 as well. It got pretty popular and went to multiple printings but there should be some still lurking about.

And of course, you can always wait for the trade if you're so inclined.

Really happy with how this book is turning out. Some of my best work and of course, Ben McCool is going places because of his obvious talent.

So give it a looksee and get down to your local comic store.

May the Squid be with you.