Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Art of Wormwood hits stores today

The Art of Wormwood

The Art of Wormwood comes out in all good comic specialty stores today.

If your retailer didn't get any copies in and you wanted one, better tell them the order code to get a copy in for you quick, before what's left of the print run is goooooone.

The diamond order codes are:

The standard softcover: JUN084067
Signed and numbered Hardcover: JUN084068
Signed, SKETCH EDITION Hardcover: JUN084069

So there you go. Hope you dig it. Basically the last 4 years of my life have been consumed with the Gentleman Corpse.

To celebrate, a great guy named Cyrus Cobain just sent this fantastic little clip in. It's mostly Wormwood, with a little mix of my oldest book, Singularity7 in there as well. ( if you're reading the blog from my main website page just click the link )


The Art of Templesmith

Friday, August 22, 2008

Wormwood Work in Progress...

Just a little something for an upcoming Wormwood thing.

Wormwood: Deviant Edition Volume 1

Wormwood: Deviant Edition Volume 01

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hoxford #2 contest winners! ( And some runnersup! )

The Hoxford #2 advance copies contest is officially OVER.Congrats to Angelique and Jeremy, for their winning photos below. Damn, some of you really put some effort in! Thanks to all who entered!



Here's some others I also really liked. Thanks guys, you'll also be getting something special ( just not my advance copies of #2 ) in the mail.





Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Hoxford #2 Preview


It's coming in September. Tell your Comic Store it's Diamond Order Code: JUN084075

And yes, were I religiously minded, I'm sure I'd be going to hell for this one. But come on, Jesus would rather appear on toast and oil slicks these days, you think he'd really care?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Want Hoxford #2 early?

Welcome to Hoxford #2

These are my advance copies for #2.

Want em?

Send a photo of yourself with a copy of Hoxford #1 and the most creative photo I'll send em on out to. Email me here: contact @ templesmitharts dot com. Will pick the winner a week from today. Also post a bunch of them to the blog ( unless you stipulate you don't want it to and/or there is uh, nudity. )

Hoxford #1 is now out, so if you liked it and still don't know how to make sure you get #2, tell your comics retailer its Diamond Order Code: JUN084075 and they should be able to make sure they get a copy.

It's Scheduled to Ship - 9/24/08

More info at:

If you still *can't* get a copy of #1, as your store sold out or just didn't get any in or you have no store...if you really want you can pay crazy money for the shipping from IDW Publishing as their online store is now selling the issue which comes signed complimentary by me, as I currently work out of the offices here.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


WELCOME TO HOXFORD #1 is out today!


Hope those of you who manage to pick it up dig it. Much more to come, when the shit hits the fan in #2 next month.

If you *can't* get a copy, as your store sold out or just didn't get any in or you have no store...if you really want you can pay crazy money for the shipping from IDW Publishing as their online store is now selling the issue which comes signed complimentary by me, as I currently work out of the offices here.

And in addition to a half painted Wormwood cover I posted earlier, here's the rest of the progress shots thus far, that I forgot I should have run before.

Wormwood: Down the Pub

Wormwood: Down the Pub

Wormwood: Down the Pub

Wormwood: Down the Pub

Wormwood: Down the Pub

Wormwood: Down the Pub

Vegas+Atomic Comics

So many things to do and blog about, so I'm going to do it all in one post.

Still recovering from my weekend away. Vegas for a birthday party then onwards with no sleep to Atomic Comics for a signing there. Below are some pics. More on my flickr account if so inclined.

By the pool, Vegas

Sausage factory.

By the pool, Vegas

Jim Lee, ( actually working ) Some idiot in the middle & Alex Garner on the right.

By the pool, Vegas

Birthday dinner

Sadly human flesh was not on the menu this time. A great time was had by all though. Big cheers to Jim.

Birthday dinner

Next it was off to Atomic Comics in Phoenix for a signing with Niles and Seeley among others. It went rather well I must say, and daym, a brisk trade in Wormwood books was definitely done. Thanks to all who came out, it was great to meet and greet those who actually buy my crazy stuff. Big thanks to Mike Malve for bringing us out.

Atomic Comics Signing

Atomic Comics Signing

Atomic Comics Signing

He tasted like mac and cheese. Mmmm.

Atomic Comics Signing

Atomic Comics Signing

I actually signed all of the remaining unsold stock, so if you couldn't make it and still want a signed book, Atomic Comics various stores should still have some! Go ask em where they are if you're in Phoenix!

Atomic Comics Signed Books

Sunday, August 10, 2008

A vid for the weekend

Currently relaxing after a hectic but fun last few days being in Phoenix and Las Vegas. Pics to come.

Besides Deadspace, which comes out near Halloween, I can't wait for October 7th and what promises to be a new chapter in my favourite all time game experience. Fallout3.

And a big "fuck you" to the Australian censorship board, who've seen fit to ban it in my home country.

Enjoy the trailer

Friday, August 08, 2008

Ahoy those in Phoenix!

I'll be there tomorrow, for a 12 HOUR LONG EVENT! And not just me! Niles and Seeley also! Check out the flyer for all the info you need.

Atomic Comics is putting on one helluva show from the sounds of it.

I'll have some original art on me from my personal collection, plus the very very last of my Poppycock sketchbooks for sale.

Just look for the skinny pale guy in a suit+tie.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Wormwood Original Art

Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse #5 Page 12

A look at what the original art is like. Yes, it's actually hand drawn and only about 20% is really ever done on computer in the end.

I just put the sucker up on ebay, to see if I'm worth anything to anyone anymore. I don't let too many of my precious babies go ( pages of work I both write and draw that's creator owned )


ebay auction

Dexter Season 2 Yay!

Again, the magical pixie people have brought me gifts in the night, in the form of an advance copy of Dexter Season 2 on DVD.

Actually, I'm just on some list where if you put your hand up, they send you special advance review goodies, so long as you say something about it, good bad or indifferent, they just want to raise awareness this stuff is coming out. Most of it is drok I happily pass on to be honest, but I'm always going to give mad props to the few things I actually really dig. Why you ask? Because there's so bloody little that's actually good, in these days of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan super celebrity retardation. Talent sadly, usually counts for nothing...

Which is why I love Dexter. It's brilliant and well made, and as luck has it, kind of relates to Welcome to a serial killer sort of way. I don't bother with any US series now that you can't say "fuck" in. Which means I basically only bother with Showtime and HBO stuff. It took me ages to bother watching the first series, after everyone started raving about it, but once I did I was completely sold. Can't wait for season 3 starting up in September now either. So if you've never seen it, I recommend it. It's also very pretty. The way it's filmed, the colours and everything is just great.

The DVD actually also has a couple episodes of The Tudors on it, just to try and sucker you into another Showtime show. As I'm also a geek for history I've kinda been into this one too. ( although it's hardly historically accurate ) It's quite nasty and rude ( there's a great King Henry servant jack off scene ) little series. I hope a bunch of people start watching the show if they like the taste of it on the Dexter DVD.

Anyways, I endorse this product and or service. And this from someone that thinks most US TV is about as entertaining as a venereal disease.

Especially since it finally wipes away the bad taste left in my mouth after watching Hellboy 2. I wanted to vomit after all the hokey dialogue and forced romantic schmaltz.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Welcome to Hoxford Signature Editions+Work in Progress

These little suckers found there way into the office yesterday and I had to sign a box full. The special signature editions of Welcome to Hoxford. Only for stores that ordered over..20 copies I think.

Plus here's a little work in progress on a future Hoxford cover. ( And an ad production just did to go in the back of an issue )

You can find all the ordering info for Welcome to Hoxford on

Welcome to Hoxford Signature Edition

Jail Bait. Ad+ Work in Progress

Monday, August 04, 2008

Welcome to Hoxford #3 progress shots

Also my smarty pants way of saying the book will be out in what, october? And if you want to make sure you get a copy, you gotta tell your retailer to order it in for you. Give them the order code AUG08 4155 and pretty much they can't refuse you. Well they can, but they wouldn't be treating their customers very well.

Huzzah huzzah.

For all things Hoxford, check




Welcome to Hoxford #3 Cover B

The Art of Wormwood

Yep, late last week I got an advance copy of The Art of Wormwood, to see how it looks. Here's a sneak peek inside the guts of it. Apart from all the covers, lots of unpublished images and such from the last 4 years, there's a whole new Wormwood short story debuting in the book. It should be out later this month, as always, from IDW Publishing. Wormwood has been a fun ride over the years and the biggest thing I've ever written *and* drawn myself ever, which is all thanks to you guys really. Don't worry, Wormy's only on a little hiatus right now. Should be a one shot and a new miniseries coming sometime soon.

And because I *know* I'm going to get plenty of emails about this later, if you don't see a copy on your shelf, or your retailer isn't getting any in, demand they do and give them the order code JUN084067 or for the hardcover version, JUN084068 as in all likelihood, the book will not magically appear unless you actually request a copy to come in for you.

Alternatively, there's always Amazon which has it available for pre-order already, or the IDW online store, which will carry it once it's out.


The Art of Wormwood

The Art of Wormwood

The Art of Wormwood

The Art of Wormwood

The Art of Wormwood

The Art of Wormwood

The Art of Wormwood

The Art of Wormwood

Friday, August 01, 2008

WELCOME TO HOXFORD #1 preview pages

The first 7 interior pages are now up on Newsarama. Hope you dig.

Remember, if you are so inclined to get the book, go tell your retailer to order it in for you and give them the order code: JUN084025

Yeah, I'm a pimpin' it.


Raymond Delgado is the newest inmate at the Hoxford Correctional Facility and Mental Institution. He's has no hope of release, parole, rehabilitation, or decent conversation. On a good day, he'll tell you he's Zeus and only bite your arm off—literally. On a bad day, you won't have time to scream to the prison guard for help. But Dr Jessica Ainley, his doctor for five years, wants to help Ray and can't understand why the newly privatized, corporately-run prison won't give her access to her patients. And why are people always transferred into Hoxford, but no records show anyone ever transferring back out.

A 4 issue miniseries starting 8/27/08.

Welcome to Hoxford #3 Covers A & B

Welcome to Hoxford #3 Cover A

Welcome to Hoxford #3 Cover B

Ordering info and such coming soon, or check soon.