Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Manila update 1

Ok, two things have thus far happened on my trip.

1. I have had much fun. Doing a quick little signing, a special movie screening and then another signing and generally meeting cool people especially at Fullybooked.

2 Almost lost my voice. Today I've mostly had off, recuperating, and it's still only half back.

Manila is a cool place. Although the traffic seems as bad as Southern California on a bad day.


Oh yeah, on a quick side note, picked up my first ever pirate copy of 30 Days of Night the movie in Thailand, less than a week after it'd been out in the US pretty much. Crazy. But look! How nice! They still note it's based on the graphic novel! Huzzah!


Fullybooked in the Philippines. 5 levels of book store purpose build goodness. Quite possibly the most amazing, best bookstore I've ever seen. Leaves all the big brand names for dead anywhere else I've ever been. And the GN selection is impressive. Need to gloat myself on the artbooks before I leave.




So far I've been interviewed by the biggest tv station in the country, and also by MTV Philippines.


Did I mention Fullybooked has plenty of copies of 30 Days of Night in stock? If you're in the country and want one signed ( and personalized if I'm there ) then come on down.


0photo452.jpg well as a few copies of this other little critically acclaimed book...


Stuck in traffic on EDSA, this is so far the only movie poster I've seen.


After the screening, they had me sign a bunch of books. For some reason, everything comes with floral arrangements here. How suitable to the subject matter I must say.


Cheers to everyone who came by for it. Looking forward to seeing more of you in store later perhaps!


Monday, October 29, 2007

Hello Manila

Ok, the flight sucked to be honest. I'm sure the woman singing behind me enjoyed it, but unfortunately, I use the word " singing" to be kind.

Manila, not seen much yet, about to go out to do some press stuff and a preview screeing of the 30 Days movie tonight with them.

Got a tour of the book store last night that I'll be at most of the week by Jaime and his lovely lady. I was so wrong. I thought it was a 3 story book store. No, "Fully Booked" is actually 5 levels of books for sale, with a starbucks inside a theatre and a part deck on the roof. And it's all the vision of Jaime, who's flown me out here, done up some big ass banners with my art on and really done something amazing. It's also in the most expensive primo trendy area of Manila apparently, ( it looks it ) and is truly something to behold. He designed and built it himself too, being an architect.

The GN section is huge. Huge. Why can't stores everywhere be like this.

Anyways, more later, when I get a chance, plus pictures I hope. ( I am taking them )

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Week That Was 6

This here is the final of my week long escapade from the 30 Days movie I've been re-running on the blog. (Which was over on the Powells blog last week in case any of you guys missed it) I was diligently blogging about my escapades for a week and a bit over there. ( which is pretty amazing sometimes considering the state I was in. )


The Scream awards Finale

So, the folks at Powells have been nice enough to run one more day’s report off me, since Friday was whe I was heading back up to LA for the Spike TV Scream awards.

Chris Ryall ( publisher and genetically augmented humanoid supreme ) and I drove up to LA from SD, got stuck in traffic, and barely made it to the hotel in time for the limo ( no not a stretched one or anything ) to take us to the show.The carpet for this thing was huge, and I did about 15 quick soundbite interviews. One even asking who I’d prefer sexually, Hillary or Laura Bush?? Well, obviously I’d have to go with Hillary I tried to explain…that would probably set the tone for the night really.



The show itself was equal part super cool, surreal, and obviously geared to a male audience who likes strip clubs. Highlights for me, obviously when Steve and I won for best comicbook for 30 Days…but unbeknown to me, at the beginning of the show when they list the guests and stuff, my name appeared on screen along with my photo with the rest of the heavy hitters! What am I now, some sort of at least C list celeb? Have I made it out of total obscurity or something? Very strange feeling I must say.

Other gems from the night were things like Paris Hilton, who sadly, could attend. She was as popular as a used syringe in a kindergarten sand pit. On stage to hawk some project, the crowd roundly booed her. And yes being the populist that I am, I joined in. I brushed by her at the bar in the back before the show started and had to resist the urge to say something ( I loathe celebutards and people “famous” only for being idiots, and in her case, a racist one to boot )…and this was right after having a chat with a very nice Walter Koenig, who was there for a tribute award for Star Trek 2. It turns out by the way, that wouldn’t be my only meeting with Paris this night, oh no.

I should add, just before finding seating, the bastards gang tackle me and take my camera. Apparently, you’re not allowed to take pictures, even as “talent” or a guest…just a pity everyone else seemed to not have this rule applied. Thanks guys, I feel so special.

Thomas Jane being a little worse for wear from drinking through a segment was also a show stopper. We couldn’t really understand anything, but he had the audience’s full attention that’s for sure. Poor guy, he’s going to regret that one in the morning. I also met Quintin Tarentino, which was quite a surprise and yes, he was exceptionally enthusiastic for the movie and has read the comic. Like me he’s super happy finally comics are getting put on screen thr right way, and using the art as well as the stories in creative ways.

So, show over ( they didn’t read out my other category for best comicbook artist so I guess I’ll find out my mail??) we leave before the big act and beat the crowd. Onward ho back to our hotel and the VIP party ( or whatever they were calling it ).

And this is where the real fun begins.

I warn you, if you thought it sounded like a gossip magazine before…

Tommy Lee and group are sat on some couches. ( I think that Angel magician guy is also there, but I only know him for having the balls to have sex with Britney Spears alas.) and while we move around the place, which has women in masks wearing bondage gear serving drinks we mingle a little. After awhile, Tommy must have left, but his couches are now free, so we sit down and start chatting to a lovely hair stylist lady I forget the name of. There’s a half full bottle of crystal champagn still on the table, so we swig that, and the server asks us if we want another bottle. Well, sure, if you’re asking why not? I’ve met Tommy before, in Sydney and given him artwork, so I’m sure he’d understand.

We don’t get the new bottle though, as I think they realize we’re not cool enough sadly.

After that slight letdown, we’re off to some back corner where I meet a few cool people who I’m going to try and hit up for advice on this hollywood stuff later on if they can put up with me, as shockingly, they know my name ( not bruce or brian who sadly couldn’t make it to the show ). Also met the guy who played Sabre Tooth and some other cult characters, Tyler Mane. Super nice guy.


The bar closes on us and they start to kick us out Which is just as well, as we’re at the point where everyone is our friend and we’ll start up a conversation with anyone. So Chris and I stumble back to the elevator back to our room ( it’s super nice it was in our hotel ) and who should get in the crowded elevator right next to us, but the charming, talented and very attractive Paris Hilton. Well, that’s what the alcohol said. She reminds me of a young Anne Coulter. Kind of man-ish and big with the obnoxious opinions, on things like poor, an jewish people. Let’s just say I ask her some annoying questions, make her rather uncomfortable and generally tell her whatever she is currently doing sucks and she should do a comic with me…alas, apparently she’s doing one with Stan Lee. ( well it should be a hit I’m sure as everything she touches turns to gold ). As she’s leaving the elevator, I ask her if her boobs are real. Too bad she didn’t give a reply as I think she’s had a rather bad boob job. Bye Paris. You will be missed.

Well, after the delightful elevator encounter, we’re out and too the room and to the land of nod. Strangely, this morning I don’t have a hangover ( I rarely get them despite how much I drink ) and I’m conscious enough to write this. Hope you enjoyed my rather strange night. Sorry there aren’t as many photos. Especially of Paris. I hear photos of her are rare so I’m kinda bummed about that. ( end of sarcasm, honest )

So my trip is over, its off to Asia. A stint in Thailand mostly in the hotel room trying to distress and get some work done, before I leave the hub city for Manila, for a week of very strange events that make me seem important…which scares me. Me speaking at a university? We’ll see I guess.

Adios! ( for now )

Next up, my Manila trip.

Friday, October 26, 2007

The Week That Was 5

All this week I'll be re-running my chronicle of what I got up to recently, which was over on the Powells blog last week in case any of you guys missed it, I was diligently blogging about my escapades for a week and a bit over there. ( which is pretty amazing sometimes considering the state I was in. )


Bound for the Scream Awards

No photos today. Yesterday, while one of the most important days of my life so far, kind of would have made for extremely boring pictures. So just some art instead from the latest thing coming out called “Wormwood” after I finished my last 30 Days of Night book “Red Snow” which was sort of a prequel I also got to write myself.

Apart from catching up on a little sleep and recovering from all the recent hijinks, I went on over to the offices of IDW, the publisher of 30 Days of Night, as well as the comic I still write and draw for them Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse. They’re practically my home away from home. I even met my wife there while working for them. ( and said goodbye to her yesterday too as she had to fly back to Australia early for work leaving me all alone )

So, we’ve worked out a deal and looks like I’ll be moving back to the States for awhile and will hang about the office doing various projects on top of the usual books I’m already doing. It’s something that’s been on the cards for awhile, since the US dollar is now resembling the peso unfortunately, and in Australia, everything is booming and costs on everything, especially property are at all time highs…so why not move back to the place where 1 US dollar is worth exactly 1 US dollar? ( ahem, apart from the whole inflation thing of course )

While there, we also dealt with the fact I’m flying around the globe for practically the next month, and that’ll unfortunately have a slight affect on the scheduling for the latest Wormwood story arc, “Calamari Rising”. Not saying it’ll be insanely late…just a little bit, due to the fact I’ll be doing signings and a convention in places like the Philippines ( next week I think ) and France mid next month. Crazy fun, but taking me away from work for a bit. Lots of slaving at the hotel desks when I can find the time I think. It’s not like I haven’t done that before!


It’s going to be a shame that to cap this week off I’ll be going to the Scream Awards back in LA, but won’t be able to share it on the big powells blog I guess, but that’s where I’ll be. I’m actually up for an award for best artists for my work on Wormwood, which I’m highly chuffed about though I know I won’t win, wht with the other high profile artists in the field there, but the book 30 Days of Night that Steve and I did is also up for nomination ( strange though, considering we did that 5 years ago now? ) and the vibe on that one…with the movie especially…well, who knows we might just get there.


I’ll be heading up to LA with IDW editor Chris Ryall for this thing, and will be interesting to see what these award things are all about. Apparently they’ll be on TV, though no idea if they’ll be live or not. Either way, should 30 Days or I win anything, look for the tall skinny chap in a brown stripped suit and cons on. ( yes, I will look like David Tennant’s Doctor Who basically ).

Been a fun week, with some crazy amazing opportunities being thrown my way and experiences you just can’t buy. I mean, how many comic book artists get to stay with the director of the film version of their book and ride with them to the premiere of the movie? Not many I’d guess. Many thanks to David Slade for that, as well as, of course, making the movie what it is. I noticed so much more on the viewing at my second screening than the first. I hope the rest of you guys like it. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out and feel like the luckiest guy on earth I’ve been a part of it in such a unique way.

The Week That Was 4

All this week I'll be re-running my chronicle of what I got up to recently, which was over on the Powells blog last week in case any of you guys missed it, I was diligently blogging about my escapades for a week and a bit over there. ( which is pretty amazing sometimes considering the state I was in. )


San Diego Ho, the birthplace of 30 Days of Night.

So, the premiere is done, meeting up again with all the actors and creatives I'd met while I'd visited the set is done…sort of feel nostalgic about that now. Was an awesome night. What's more, it was the first time I saw the movie, in full, complete. And it was amazing. Honestly, you can say David Slade took the book, stated extremely faithful, and did nothing but improve upon it and flesh it out. Of course a movie is 90 minutes and the book is a much shorter read.

Now I'm down in San Diego. Took the train, which is the only way to go if you're a visitor to the States and have to get from LA. Always good to avoid the incompetence and crap storm that is US domestic air travel. The train takes just as long, much more leisurly and is cheaper too. Dropping us right downtown. Which is good, since that's where a special San Diego IDW Publishing screening of the movie is being held.

This'll be a special occasion, where the company that chose to take a risk and publish an unknown horror comic 5 years ago gets to see it's work on the big screen and invite friends, family and co-workers. Since the IDW guys are sort of like family to me in many ways ( my wife actually used to work for them and I met her through them ) it's something I wouldn't miss for the world.

For the first time in my life, a hotel upgrades me to a King suite…an awesome large room for my San Diego stay. Still, it's nothing compared to where Josh Hartnett was staying. Man, you know it's a good room when it comes with a piano.


After freshening up ( been spending the last week on an airbed at the Directors house, as he was kind enough to put us up! ) but there was 8 people sharing the one bathroom. Fun times…but it was cool because they were all great people and somehow it worked.

IDW had booked out the Pacific Gaslamp theatre downtown, so it's just a walk for us to get there.


Before the movie begins, Ted Adams, original president and founding member ( and I think producer on the film ) gets all of us that have contributed to 30 Days to stand up and gives a quick speech. I hadn't realized, but everyone had had their phones taken off them for the screening, as is the custom here ( but not in Australia as we get films up to a year after they've come out in the US ) with piracy and everything…but they never took mine…or my camera…so I take a picture inside and get away with it. Seems this whole trip I about me breaking the law and being crafty. First I'm creatively vandalizing movie posters now I'm trying to get thrown out of a cinema for looking like I'm trying to steal my own movie! ( which of course would be a strange thing to do for me. )


The screening goes great, and I notice so many nice little things about the film the second time. I also see it properly for the first time. A large fat bald man had been directly in my way at the premiere, so I couldn't read some of the subtitles…which sort of sucked. But them's the breaks.

IDW also have an after party organized, so off we go to a nice mellow time.


On the ay out of the theatre to the party, I bump into one of the local retailers, Robert Scott, who was invited, as Comickaze champions good comics and did so with 30 days. Apparently he escaped hospital to make it to the film. He wasn't kidding and showed me where he pulled the drip out!


The party itself is a nice mellow affair, and it's good to catch up with all my San Diego friends ( I used to live here ) and have a good chat to Jim Lee among others, who said he really digged the film, especially how it riffs off the art I'd done.

And then, since I've been running on about 3 hours sleep a day the last while, it's a good time to crash.


Craziness still lies ahead though for me. While here I'll be chatting to a few people about moving back t the US for awhile, heading back up to LA with my editor for the Scream Awards which, if all goes well we'll pick up an award for something! I'm nominated for my artwork in my book "Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse" and the book version of '30 Days of Night" is also up for an award. Slightly weird since it came out 5 years ago but what the hey!

Until then…sleep is goooood.

The Week That Was 3

All this week I'll be re-running my chronicle of what I got up to recently, which was over on the Powells blog last week in case any of you guys missed it, I was diligently blogging about my escapades for a week and a bit over there. ( which is pretty amazing sometimes considering the state I was in. )



That about sums up how I feel right now. Need water. Need painkillers. Need more sleep too.

Yesterday was very strange. But I guess that is to be expected. A day of first for me. Fist movie premiere, first tv studio interview ( hopefully last, as I don’t really like that sort of thing to be honest ) and even my first manicure ( shutup! )

Anyways, not going to waffle so much today. The head won’t let me. So here’s a brief rundown on the highlights with accompanying pictures.

Morning coffee. Yes, approximately 8 are needed. David Slade, Mark Rendell and I did each others portraits at the café.


My first weird thing for the day. Fox News interview, along with Steve Niles on the comic. I have no idea wh the tissues are there. It’s not Oprah…I’m thinking it has more to do with the “gentlemans club” across the street from Fox??


Then it’s off to a meeting at Jim Henson’s Studios. ( no, not *with* Jim Henson Studios, just over there ) Suffice to say it was very cool…and you gus may be hearing more about things discussed there years form now if all goes amazingly well.


Then, the limo arrives.We’ll have about 10 people in the thing.


We are highly amused.

But were dressed up. Me on the left, David on the right.


Surprisingly, on the red carpet, I have my picture taken, and the tv people want to yap my ear off. Very cool stuff…though the same question 20 different times gets a little tough. I tell a reporter dressed badly as a dog that I’m Australian and find dogs sexually attractive. I think he gets upset I won’t play the straight man to his strange getup. Oh well.


After the movie ( bloody amazing by the way. I think I’m in shock as I leave the theatre )
It’s off to the after party. They kick us out early ( 12:30am wtf? ) then it’s over to a hotel for everyone who’s from the movie and interested….and then they kick us out early too, so it’s off to Josh Hartnett’s room for some final drinks and talks.

Now, if you know who this bloke is soon as the movie hits, you’ll be wondering why my face wasn’t bitten off. Yeah, I play with fire, but honestly in real life he’s a lovely chap!


And last but not least, on the way back to the limo and home, who should be outside the hotel but the paparazzi, waiting to catch a celeb pass wind or something. Whatever gets them and their trash magazines happy I guess.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Poppycock Show Now Online

If you missed the show and can't make it out to California to see it before it closes, the current unsold art from the Poppycock show is now live online. So if you see a piece you like, just follow the directions on the page.

Many thanks to all who came out, and even more so to those who bought a piece! Had my biggest ever art sale to date from the show, which was really awesome. Cheers to all you guys.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Week That Was 2

This week I'll be running my chronicle of what I got up to recently, which was over on the Powells blog in case any of you guys missed it, I was diligently blogging about my escapades for a week and a bit over there. ( which is pretty amazing sometimes considering the state I was in. )


The Calm before the Storm

Tuesday has mostly been spent cruising around LA with 30 Days of Night Director David Slade, endulging the fetish for toys and art books I have. It keeps me poor, but happy, plus, legally they’re valid for my work. Hello Mr Tax Man.

Along the way to Giant Robot and a few other places, where the cute critters below are from, I was shown one of the impressive sites of the double huge billboard you can see here. Rather impressive, though the best one I’ve yet to get a shot of is a poster that’s a virtual half a high rise building. Yeah. Big.



So, while walking, we spot a few of the other posters. David has a thing for making the images look like Ipod commercials since they’re made for it. We’d fantasized about doing it before, at San Diego Comic-con he was signing a few of the posters…but confronted with the perfect opportunity, and with me having a silver sharpie…how could we resist.

So we did it. Somewhere in Melrose is a David Slade/Ben Templesmith collaborative effort 30 Days of Night Ipod exclusive poster. I did the top, he did the bottom stuff. We did not get arrested.


Further on, the posters get ridiculous. They really work placed next to each other. Very stark and kinda hard to miss.


Upon our return from our art/toy binge, finally, and to great relief, the tickets for the Premiere tomorrow night are delivered. Huzzah! Pretty little things they are too. The party afterwards should be interesting. Expect pictures…assuming they’re allowed and I’m still conscious.


In a strange turn of events, I am apparently going to be interviewed along with Steve Niles for Fox News tomorrow. I’m kind of reluctant to do TV stuff, but meh, when is little ol’ me going to get that sort of chance again?

To end the night, we just got back from a great dinner, with David and friends, including the newly arrived editor of the film Art Jones and fresh off the plane Mark Rendall, who played Jake in the movie. Good food, good company and a large bill.

God, I have to get up early…tomorrow is D-Day. La Film Premiere.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Week That Was 1

Alrighty...I am knackered...don't even know where I am right now. Sleep is goooood. I will need it before my jaunt in Manila too I think. The list of things they have me doing there is scaring me.

This week I'll be running my chronicle of what I got up to recently, which was over on the Powells blog in case any of you guys missed it, I was diligently blogging about my escapades for a week and a bit over there. ( which is pretty amazing sometimes considering the state I was in. )


Poppycock, Breasts and an Andalusian Dog.

Where to start. To cut a long story short and bring people up to speed, A wee few years ago, I had the luck and good fortune to co-create, with Steve Niles, a nasty little vampire book called 30 Days of Night that some generous Studio people over at Ghosthouse/Sony decided to turn into a feature film.Being Australian, I just flew in to LA late last week ready to catch it at the Premiere on a horrendously long bloody flight, and also for my gallery show called “Poppycock” over at the amazing Secret Headquarters psuedo art gallery and perveyor of ye fine comic books…which I’m just recovering from over the weekend.

Now, I also have the good fortune to be staying with the director of the film, after somehow convincing David Slade I am indeed some kind of sane individual that won’t murder him or his family in the night. I don’t know, call him an optimist if you will. I do come from convict stock after all. Being mac devotees, and having at least 8 people staying at the same house for the Premiere, the place is going to resemble some sort of powerbook convention. At it’s height there’ll be 6 on the one table. That’s a lot of expensive computer.


As soon as we get to Secret Headquarters I am confronted by a brilliant gift they’ve gotten for me, as a thankyou for doing the show, which is odd, since I should be thanking them…but nonetheless, they know me too well and I am given a bottle of special tequila that’s actually the good stuff the agave growers actually hold back for the primo stuff you can’t usually get, errr, or something. Either way, it tastes different to any other tequila I’ve yet had, and it’s about the only thing I drink apart from beer.


“Poppycock” is sort of my first real show of note, taking in work I’ve done recently for a couple of books mostly, one being my oddly humoured dark horror book “Wormwood Gentleman Corpse” and the other being my latest attempt to add a little to the 30 Days of Night mythos, “Red Snow” being about the Eastern Front with Nazis, Russians and Vampires up in the arctic circle during WW2. In the picture you can see what will eventually be the cover to the graphic novel version, with the original art and a final computer finalized print. The whole exhibition was pretty much done this way, with each piece being two images. Amazingly, pieces were selling before it opened. Pretty good considering I didn’t know if I’d sell anything at all.


As soon as the doors opened, a crowd surged in. Again, I’m bowelled over at how many people are coming through the doors. It pretty much doesn’t let up the entire night. All I end up doing for about 4 hours is sign books and have a quick chit chat with as many people as possible. I barely get to finish one beer the whole night, but we sell a lot of books. And yes, I sign my first breast. Well, female breast. ( I have actually signed and drawn on various man bits in my time, ) but this is my first official girly part. And I clear it with the signee for a picture and with the wife, who actually took the photo. Thanks Tamara, what can I say for letting me defile you so.




To round out the weekend, we get down to a spot of drinking. Possibly the first of many nights such as this on my trip, especially this week while blogging. I’m sure I’ll be giving the world the impression I’m a complete alcoholic.Which I’m not, but since I’m Australian, does it really matter?


David Slade has just arrived back home ( He was in NYC doing press for the movie which I had to pull out of as the art show had already been arranged ) and we’re immediately back on the macs comparing work, binging on art books and catching up ( he was actually a fan of the comic and the art long before he was to become director of the film version which was amazing ). We’re all in recovery mode, be it from the booze the nights before or the plane trips across country so after ordering Thai food in, I’m treated to seeing the short Salvador Dali Film “Un chien andalou” (aka An Andalusian Dog ). A cool piece of cinematic history.

Now, for some reason, I’m watching extras as I sit back and wait for the mad week ahead, of which I’ll attempt to vaguely blunder through and show snippets of.

Onward Ho.

Thursday, October 18, 2007 bloggings

All this week during the 30 Days of Night movie premiere and the apparent accompanying debauchery, I'll be guest blogging on the Powells blog, one update per day.

See my first entry here.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Poppycock in the LAist

Some more info on the show that just opened and some art from the LAist. From here on out this week I'll simply be posting links to my guest spot on the Powells blog if all goes well and the whole thing doesn't explode in my face. Huzzah.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Poppycock Sketchbooks and stuff

Prepping for the little show yesterday and today at the awesome Secret Headquarters in LA. ( for details check their site or the right hand side of my website here )

Apparently pieces are already selling and the thing hasn't even opened yet...crazy people! But thanks a ton too.

The sketchbooks look amazing ( took delivery of em yesterday ) and they'll make their debut tonight at the show thing for $12.50 as a special price. Signed, in colour and b/w 32 pages of ladies bits and "leprotica". There's only 250 of the buggers, the rest making their way with me to places like the Philippines and France, and if any are left ultimately online probably, though that'll be awhile.


Here's a piece all framed up and ready at the store. To everyone going, hope you dig it! There'll be a good representation of my work over the last couple of years including Wormwood, 30 Days of Night and a bunch of other things.


And here's some raccoons...first I'm I've ever seen any. Shutup, they're exotic to me. All I get is Kangaroos in the backyard!


Posting from here on out may be a little sporadic, ( especially depending how late the art show hijinks go ) and from next week I'll be guest blogging on the books website during the 30 Days of Night movie premiere, so I'll be posting links to my bloggings there next week.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

You can take the boy out of the office...

...but not the office out of the boy.


Hardcore bitches. Finishing up Wormwood comic pages at connecting airport on my way to LA. If it has to get done, it *has to get done* really.

I'm out around the globe currently, partly for my art show, partly for a certain movie I had a little hand in and partly for a bunch of signings internationally that will bloody kill me.


The first thing you should always do when you get to America, is go to a "Save-On" ( depressing retail store where old people go to die ) and look for anti-Urine products to mock at 1am. ( no, those are not my hands )


Welcome to LA. Mural at 2am after food.

Posting will be sporadic for awhile, but updates when I can! I'll actually be guest blogging for next week, so during that time, I'll just be posting links to what I'm up to over there, with it all reverting back here afterwards.