Friday, April 22, 2011


Ghost Rider

So, bloody eventful year so far, with more to come. Some of it keeping me from the work I should be doing sadly, so I'm back down in Australia for a bit to focus and get some things back in order. I haven't been putting the work first for rather a long time, so that needs to change. Yes, unbelievably, like a ferret reading braille I'll actually start posting art to the blog again!

Oh, and sadly, I've had to cancel some convention appearances. Comicpalooza in Houston, Calgary, Heroes Con in Charlotte and Albuquerque Comic Expo. Which sucks but had to be done. Hopefully I'll do them next year. Instead, if the Squid God is kind, ( mostly he isn't actually ) I should be at the Sydney and Perth Supanova's instead. So I'll still be about.

And still planning on hitting San Diego Comic-con.

I recently did a BUNCH of conventions though. Chicago, Kansas, Melbourne and Brisbane. All of them quite fantastique. Here's a bunch of art/commissions I did during them.

*might* actually take on a few online ones soon, but a lot of other work ( and several promised commissions I'm behind on ) have to come first still!

Want more? Then check out my account for the special stuff. Going up momentarily.

A bit of a Joke

Constantine and Manthing

Deathly ladies with sharp thingies