Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 is over, hello 2010

Alright, it's going to be a longer to sweeten the deal, here's a peek at the cover for CHOKER Issue 2! Ordering info in the next previews to come.


Well it's almost ( or maybe as you read this already is, ) DONE. 2009 was a bitch of a year for many of us, not that I'm sure it didn't have some high points as well. Michael Jackson died, thus providing us with the biggest opportunity to make bad jokes in history. Rush Limbaugh and Richard Cheney, sadly, decided to stay with us.

First and foremost, I want to thank all you guys who read me online and more importantly, choose to know my work. Without you I am nothing.

2009 for me was a mixed bag for me. At one point, I was almost completely burned out as I was being asked to do far more than I could handle really. It was an episode that really made me examine where I'd come from and where I was going. The business side of what I do ( which apparently not many artists do really think about? ) and to start taking some firm steps in the right directions now I have the opportunities to do so. It was a dark time, with the light of a brave new world at the end...and that's what 2010 will be all about.

I got my first real break from deadline stress in 6 or 7 years with a month or so off and it was fantastic to recharge the batteries. I traveled the world. To places both new and familiar. Brazil was an absolute blast and I hope to go back. The UK, well, I've realized where my actual spiritual home is. At some point, I'm moving to the UK to live for awhile, that much is certain! My first New York Comic-con was also a highlight. Not only did I meet so many awesome people I now keep in touch with, it's the best con I've done in a long time. On to Chicago ( also put on by Reed Exhibits ) and NYCC again next year!

2009 was the year of Groom Lake ( I'd always resolved to work on something with Chris Ryall as I loved Zombies vs Robots so much! He's a talented bugger he is ) and of course, the year something I actually wrote apparently got a movie option, with Welcome to Hoxford. So I guess I can consider myself some sort of actual "writer" now.

Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse is going through a lot of growing pains. 2009 saw the first Deviant Edition released ( or hardcover, to the boring types ) and it basically sold out pretty damn quick! Good news is that 2010 will see Wormwood volume 2 get the same treatment. Volumes 1 and 2 also finally got yet more reprints, ( volume 1 had it's 6th I think, 7th if you include a special printing for a book club ) as it's extremely hard to keep in stock, apologies to you all. Not my fault! It's something I've been trying to fix to little avail. The new printings are already well below what they started with, so I was told, so get in quick if you need to order some. Other than the V2 Deviant Edition, no new Wormwood books will be on the horizon for me til some stuff is sorted out.

I also got 2 covers into a "covers of the decade thing," which, considering I'm not exactly a big cover artist guy, is rather spiffy!

Last but not least, some of my stuff has made it to the Sony PSP ( Sony, who I'm honoured to say really dig Wormwood ) and iphone...if stuff isn't already out, it will be early next year.

So on to 2010 I say. Where we'll see how CHOKER, my new book, written by the force of nature that is Ben McCool will be coming out from Image comics, who've supported it in amazing ways so far. Be on the look out for issue 1 late February.

The new year will see a dedicated online store for all sorts of stuff of mine finally go live, over at, including a bunch of original art, prints, t-shirts and phone skins and stuff... plus hopefully some online/convention exclusive books I'm going to do up all myself.

And yup, if you don't know where to find me, here's a quick list of where I'm at. I tend to get around and have finally succumbed to the horror that is Facebook. ( Since I get a lot of responses there from my twitter feed! ) Infact, I've started the FANCY PANTS group for all my stuff. Expect actual fancy pants memorabilia and SPACE SQUID stuff exclusively for it too.

Have a great new year guys. Welcome to the decade.

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And, as ever, send questions, compliments and notes of damnation to: contact@templesmithartsdotcom

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse Deviant Edition 2

Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse Deviant Edition 2
showed it off yesterday. Your first look at the cover to Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse Volume 2 the Deviant Edition Hardcover. Should be out later next year. ( As opposed to early next year ). When I know more details I'll scream them to the world. Going to be a large chunk of extras and spiffy trim in this one, as with the first Hardcover.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

MTV+Tennant+My art=Wheeee

MTV+Tennant+My art=Wheeee

Big cheers to Rick Marshall over at MTV Splashpage for pushing a little book by Pia Guerra and Tony Lee with a certain cover by some Aussie bastard into David Tennant's hands while he had a chat to him. Just had to share a minor geek out to actually see it on film basically, since I know he's seen a whole bunch of my stuff before in various ways and for various reasons.

I think I'm gonna consider this my Squidmas present basically. In the new year, I need to get jumping on my Doctor Who villains gallery series of art I've been meaning to do just for kicks for aaages now.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


2 things happening this week. One of them is important. Guess which. Oh, go on.

Wormwood. Now on Sony PSP! Huzzah!

Ok, the kind folks over at Sony have decided Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse kicks much arse and are severely promoting the fact that, along with IDW Publishing Wormwood is now available digitally for their PSP! Not only that, but there's bonus odd audio commentary from me as you go through it, as an added option. I just did it up as an added little extra and it should be on all issues, still all for only $0.99. A nice, cheap digital alternative if you still can't find/never picked up the physical books ( though they are now, after far too long, back in print while stocks last and you can grab them all here if they still tickle your fancy )


The second thing, obviously, is MERRY SQUIDMAS. And yes, to all the other minor religions of the world I also say HAPPY HOLIDAYS. I'll simply urge you to come over to the Squid. We have tea and brownies too. Plus, Santa shed his blood so that you have something to unwrap this Squidmas day. Please remember that.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Two important links today.


As Bleeding Cool points out, next actually CHEBRUARY. It's impossible to ignore, what with CHEW, CHASE VARIANT and CHOKER all coming out from Image Comics that month. It's going to be...err...chinsane?

And next up, yup, it's been officially announced I'll be down to Heroes Con in June next year. Never been but the organizers are as nice as pie. ( A really nice pie, one your nan might make that's extra tastey, with cream on it even, if that's the sort of thing you're get the idea. )

Baroness Cover Work in Progress

Baroness Cover

One of the Baroness images I did up for the one-shot from IDW coming out in February. No idea if this is a regular cover or not. There's like ten covers to the book and I only did two.

This here's the pencils! Took it from a pose of a lady leaning on something which I uh, turned into a chick in lather holding lots of guns. What can I say. Chicks 'n guns eh?

Baroness Cover

Did all the basic line work with a micron or a Uni-ball pen, or both. Just started filling in the blacks here.

This was all done on an 11x17 inch bristol board, white. Planned on lots of watercolour on this piece.

Baroness Cover

Filling in more blacks. A bit of a bugger considering her costume.

Baroness Cover

Black inks all done!

Baroness Cover

Water colour washing begins.

Baroness Cover

Lots more water colour and even a splash of red for the Cobra logo. Everything is generally just tonal greys though, since the real colour happens on computer. Just thought it'd be nice for the actual original piece.

If you dig it, it should actually be for sale sometime soon over in my section on www.splashpage, my art agent bloke, Mark Hay, who handles all my work for hire stuff. Drop him a line via the site if you're into the Baroness as he should be getting all the pages/covers I did for the book in his hot little hands sometime soooooon. ( I promise, Mark! )

Baroness Cover

Almost finished. Just some standard tones, some dodge and burn and faded a bit of photo nose with airbrushing on the face. BUT, I was told the eyes were a little too asian ( the original photo, the lady *was*

Baroness Cover

...I rejig the colour, add in some slightly different eyes. This one goes down much better.

Dracula-Draw your own cover

Dracula-Draw your own cover

I stuck another one of those Bram Stoker Dracula "Draw your own cover" books from Penguin up on ebay. Just too much damn fun they are.

CHOKER, the roughs!

CHOKER, the roughs!

How I plan out all my comics.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Bits from Around the Globe- The Last 8 weeks

Well, six weeks, considering I've been in the US and sick with a virus the last two. These are in no particular order...

Fun with red neon lights at the VIP bar...

Emma, Antony, some git and Mr Diggle. Photo by the always awesome Jock. This was the afterparty for the ThoughBubble Festival up in Leeds. One of the best/busiest cons I've ever done. Short though, only one day!

Fun with red neon lights at the VIP bar...

Shifty bastards. Hatching plans.

4am Pizza.

This is what 4am pizza looks like. Essad Ribic, Andy Tong, Al Ewing and a few others. I didn't get any sleep at Leeds. These people know how to drink and they just don't stop!

Thoughtbubble Festival

You could say we had a good turnout. Infact, I WILL say we had a good turnout. This was for the panel I did at Thoughtbubble.

Thoughtbubble Festival

My line didn't stop for 6 hours. Quite possibly the most signings I've done in one day apart from maybe a really busy day at SDCC. It was insane.

Thoughtbubble Festival

It's not a monkey, it's an ape. Took this photo just to ensure I hadn't taken drugs, that it actually did exist.

Thoughtbubble Festival

Lucky me, I never had a reputation to uphold.

This was actually a rather sweat laden "wizards wig".

Things you do in a pub at 2am.

Thoughtbubble Festival

Thoughtbubble Festival

Any bar/club that has a Dalek in it is my sort of place.

Thoughtbubble Festival

Kirk porn on the walls.

Thoughtbubble Festival

My sort of weather.

My NYC 11am Guinness

My NYC 11am Guinness during a photoshoot with Ben McCool.



Up high in a building during a meeting. I would get NO work done if this was my office.


I ended my NYC trip in this bar. We even got a free round because the barman was a comic guy and had too much fun overhearing our comic book bitching/stories. He's sworn to secrecy though.

Philip Ridley And I.

Just before my little comic book chat thing in London for Comica. ( Phil is the director of Heartless, among other things )

London MCM Expo

Drinking with Declan, Al, Jock and some crafty bugger named Dingle.

London Expo is always a blast. Definitely planning on going back next year.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

CHOKER Previews

CHOKER Previews

CHOKER Previews

CHOKER Previews

I was severely humbled when I realized how much space Image had given Ben McCool and I for CHOKER's debut issue. 6 bloody pages! Huge thanks to Eric, Joe and the gang for the opening promo kick start there.

I've been a bit ill since I got back from the UK, this bastard virus will not die, but I got a copy of Previews while over there and took some quick snaps. Basically, you can go to your friendly retailer type person and show them this stuff ( I'm sure they'll see it anyway ) and tell them you'd like to make sure you get a copy reserved for your good self ( if so inclined ) and that the order code they need to use is: DEC090342

And then, magically in February, you will have one in your hot little hands. Promise.

Yeah, you gotta harp on this stuff now as it's the time to order the damn thing and I do like to pay rent, feed my kitties and such mundane things.

Baroness Previews

I've also got a G.I. Joe Baroness one-shot, look for it out in Feb from IDW! Written by Marc Andreyko. Since it's G.I Joe, it pretty much orders itself really. Hope I did decent by the Franchise. Apparently Hasbro really dig it because it's a little different.

POPGUN ANTHOLOGY cover progressions

Not to mention of course, The Popgun Anthology #4...yeah, looks like February is kinda Templesmith month. Didn't plan it that way, honest! Most importantly, it's order code is: DEC09 0379 This code gives you much powah with which you can order it. Definitely check the Popgun link for a whole swag of info on the book.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Colossal meets Giant.

Colossal meets Giant.

Yes, if you've ever read Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse or a few other books I've been involved with, you might guess I'm into squids a bit.

One of the photos I took while visiting the Darwin Center ( you know, that bloke religious bigots who deny science like to hate? ) Well, they have delightful specimens like a rather large Giant Squid and now a baby Colossal Squid in the same tank, so you can see the difference.

Basically, the Colossal, apart from apparently growing much larger, has bloody great claws/hooks on it's 2 longest tentacles. The Giant just has suckers. This to me, is a little bit scary and possibly the most awesome creature on the planet. Sure beats the fuck out of a Panda.

I'll put up way more images of my trip to the museum and the UK in general soon. Have been laid low with a virus upon returning from the UK. Everything is chaos right now.