Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm on French bloody TV!

I'm on French TV.( France 24, their culture show ) Arsing it up & yapping comics & horror.

Way better than the Fox "news' bit I did a few years ago. Their studio was third world compared to the French one & they were completely disorganized. France 24, by comparison was slick, ran smoothly and the set/studio was state of the art. Was awesome. Skynet controlled the entire studio, all cameras were handled from some room elsewhere in the building.

And apparently we shared the green room with one of the biggest musicians in France... but he's unknown in english so, he was just another hobo looking guy to me. Forget his name anyway. Ah well.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I'm All French And Stuff

I'm All French And Stuff

Hope it goes well. If you're in Paris drop on by! Contrary to what many believe, I don't "paint on computer" at all. Come see the originals before they hit photoshop. This will be a pretty big retrospective of my work. Pretty much all the best stuff I've still got. Over 100 art pieces including FELL, WORMWOOD, WELCOME TO HOXFORD and oh yes, some 30 DAYS OF NIGHT ( But only RED SNOW, since the older stuff isn't fit for exhibiting I think )

Monday, November 08, 2010

Delcourt France Trip 2010

Delcourt France Trip 2010
I'm going to France, again, to work, drink wine & draw things for fantastic French people. ( And a few Belgians too ) thanks to my French publisher Delcourt and Galerie Daniel Maghen. I'll be all over the place but here's the details I've got for now. Most excited for my first ever Paris exhibition...well, not that I've done many exhibitions before but people are coming out of the woodwork wanting me to do more internationally so who am I to argue?

Anyway, if you're in the area, come on out and say hi and I'll chat and sign anything you want!

I'll be at:

November 13th-14th
Bédéciné - Illzach

November 16th

Signing session
« Multi BD » bookshop
122 – 124, boulevard Anspach

November 17th

« Album Comics » bookshop
67, boulevard Saint-Germain
75005 PARIS

November 18th

Exhibition opening night
Galerie Daniel Maghen
47, quai des Grands Augustins
75006 PARIS


It's been an age since I've posted much about CHOKER...but it *IS* coming! Here's some WIP's on the cover to next issue.






Thursday, November 04, 2010

Why I'm still on Livejournal

Awesome comments like this. I like the way I draw women too. Thanks Skullyflower.

" I really like your female characters. They are still sexy (as is required
 by the world) but they also always seem like they could really do a
 person harm as well. They also seem to have a little depth to them. Some
 mental illness, maybe. Anyway. I like it. "

Wednesday, November 03, 2010


A Batwoman I'm actually quite happy with.

Put it up on ebay too, after people were complaining I didn't have anything up for a day. Bloody hell! The public must be sated.