Friday, May 25, 2007

A vid for the Weekend

Currently on the work desk 31

Got so many things going on right now it's INSANE. However, I'm half way through the hellish period and the rest is near done. Phew.

As mental breaks now and then I'm building up a lot more Wormwood images. Here's one, though I won't explain anything about it as yet though I';m sure you can guess who they are...





Thursday, May 24, 2007

Currently on the work desk 30: Red Snow

The jumbled mess that is a comic in progress. I also keep wanting to call it "Yellow Snow" instead of "Red Snow" hehe.

Madly trying to recover lost time thanks to a nasty virus that knocked me out for a few days. And now it seems just as I'm recovering, the wife is showing the first symptoms for it as well.

It's her birthday tomorrow.




Original Art 10: Wormwood @ Splashpage Art


My art agenty type guy, a very nice chap by the name of Mark Hay over at Splashpage Original Art has just put up a bunch of new stuff I sent him. Among the new batch were a few WORMWOOD PAGES and he's pretty much the only place in town to get them as I won't put many if any more up on ebay and only a very limited amount on my *still being revamped* little online store. ( Though I my babies are precious so many I will never part with, like pactically all of the #0 issue )

Of course, he has all the Fell pages too! ( For all 8 issues now I beleive, though if there's one up from the last two issues that are not up, just shoot him an email about what one you want. )

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Advanced Photoshop Magazine

Just got a copy in the mail and while I knew I'd be in it in some way after a quick interview ( Cheers to Adam Smith ) I never thought I'd get about 3 pages and be the headliner with lots of Wormwood and Coluvio artwork! If you want to read the article you'll have to go pick up issue 31!

Oh yeah and the talented Mr Chris King ( who also did a pinup of Wormwood for an issue ) also got a profile. Now that's taste for you.




Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sneeek Peeek 17: FELL TPB and Hardcover

Got a large box of FELL Hardcovers and TPB's by courier this morningManaged to get a couple out of the sturdy packaging. Quite a thing of beauty. Should be out this Wednesday at all good comic stores and other such places, at least in North America ( Not here in Australia, nope, we have to wait til Friday/Saturday in Perth )

It is quite a thing of beauty, hope Warren likes it.







And incase anyone was curious, the front few pages and the last page in the book are all actually one large extra long image:


Book Launch and exhibition photos

From the "Love is my Velocity" launch, last Saturday.






Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sneeek Peeek 15: 24seven 2

Just finished a story for the big ass book 24seven Volume 02, the brain child of Ivan Brandon. Mine was written by John Ney Rieber and there's a whole slew of creators contributing to the book. Including the cover by the godlike supernova talented Ash Wood. Check the links for more details.



Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Book Launching and Limited Edition Print

If you're a local living in Perth, then the "Love Is My Velocity cookbook" is launching this Saturday.

LIMV is a Perth-based record label that's teamed local bands and artists to produce a cookbook and I'm one of the local art peeps featured in it. 5 limited edition A2 sized (16 1/2" x 23 3/8") prints my my image, "Cold woman, with fish", will be available for purchase along with the cookbook itself. Before anyone asks, nope, I'm not printing them myself so I don't know what paper etc they'll be on.

The whole thing will be taking place this Friday (May 19) at The Bakery in Northbridge and I'll be putting in a breif appearance. Doors will be opening to the public at 7pm. Get there soon as they're going to charge $10 after 8pm.

The Bakery
233 James St.

If you can't get to Perth, I've been told that the prints and book will be available online at the LIMV website:


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Original Art 09:Wormwood Cover

Just put this Wormwood cover up for sale.

Original art is done in ink, pencil and tonal marker on 80gsm paper measuring approx 8 x 12 inches. ( A4 size )

Includes signed 8 x 12 inch artist proof giclee print of final image on 310 gm satin photo rag.

Incidentally, I've heard some people have issues with livejournal viewing, so I started up a morror blog on the ol' blogspot too.



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Currently on the work desk 28

Trying something new, for the 24/7 volume 02 book.



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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Currently on the work desk 27


Storme's Silent Hill Tattoo

I'm a slacker and only just realized I hadn't posted this from ages ago when I should, but Storme was kind enough to drop a line and show me her Silent Hill dead nurse tattoo, based off the comic panel I drew, a few weeks after she got it. That's dedication.

Storme's Silent Hill tattoo

silent hill reference

Wormy makes Boing Boing

With a none too shabby review for Wormwood:Gentleman Corpse Volume 01. Cheers Mr Doctorow

Ben Templesmith's comic "Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse" walks a fine line between icky and funny, and it walks it very well. Wormwood is a tiny, sentient worm that pilots a rotting corpse (complete with inverted pentagram carved into its forehead) around, steering from his vantage-point in the corpse's right eye-socket. His sidekicks include a clanking mechanical steampunk android with a fetish for small arms and an ultra-violent stripper who can cause wings to burst forth from her back.

They fight crime.

Of course.