Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sneeek Peeek 17: FELL TPB and Hardcover

Got a large box of FELL Hardcovers and TPB's by courier this morningManaged to get a couple out of the sturdy packaging. Quite a thing of beauty. Should be out this Wednesday at all good comic stores and other such places, at least in North America ( Not here in Australia, nope, we have to wait til Friday/Saturday in Perth )

It is quite a thing of beauty, hope Warren likes it.







And incase anyone was curious, the front few pages and the last page in the book are all actually one large extra long image:



Neil said...

Oooooo, ooooooo! Signed and sketched copies please.

Sail said...

Gorgeous!!! I really like the large image... that is a thing of beauty.

FELL and Casanova in HC... it's a good week!

Unknown said...

Great book dude!
Congratulations from Portugal! I´m a fan of yours and I follow the "Fell" series every month (when the thing arrives @ Lisboa). "Wormwood" is also in my comic books monthly readings. One of these days I gotta write for the fans page.
See ya!