Thursday, May 24, 2007

Original Art 10: Wormwood @ Splashpage Art


My art agenty type guy, a very nice chap by the name of Mark Hay over at Splashpage Original Art has just put up a bunch of new stuff I sent him. Among the new batch were a few WORMWOOD PAGES and he's pretty much the only place in town to get them as I won't put many if any more up on ebay and only a very limited amount on my *still being revamped* little online store. ( Though I my babies are precious so many I will never part with, like pactically all of the #0 issue )

Of course, he has all the Fell pages too! ( For all 8 issues now I beleive, though if there's one up from the last two issues that are not up, just shoot him an email about what one you want. )

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