Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Book Launching and Limited Edition Print

If you're a local living in Perth, then the "Love Is My Velocity cookbook" is launching this Saturday.

LIMV is a Perth-based record label that's teamed local bands and artists to produce a cookbook and I'm one of the local art peeps featured in it. 5 limited edition A2 sized (16 1/2" x 23 3/8") prints my my image, "Cold woman, with fish", will be available for purchase along with the cookbook itself. Before anyone asks, nope, I'm not printing them myself so I don't know what paper etc they'll be on.

The whole thing will be taking place this Friday (May 19) at The Bakery in Northbridge and I'll be putting in a breif appearance. Doors will be opening to the public at 7pm. Get there soon as they're going to charge $10 after 8pm.

The Bakery
233 James St.

If you can't get to Perth, I've been told that the prints and book will be available online at the LIMV website: http://www.loveismyvelocity.com/



SHAUN FOX said...

many thx for the heads up Ben, might have to drag my bones on down and shake hands... whilst purchasing some A2 goodness.

im wondering, your darker work prior to the latest, is that ever influenced by your moods or other emotions ... or just your style you like to mix in.


Templesmith said...

I simply go where the worm takes me man. Wouldn't say it's mood related. A book takes a month or so to do, and unless I had a mental condition or something, I really don't think I could use my moods to influence my art that long! ;-)

Sail said...

Gorgeous! I'll have to look into getting one of these online... because, you know, Perth is sorta far.

Templesmith said...

It's not that far! Just a week by space shuttle, honestly. :-)

Sail said...

Perfect. I've got a weeks paid coming up, now I'll just go book my shuttle flight! :)