Sunday, June 29, 2008

Your vid for the weekend.

Regular service resuming sometime soon. Still travelling and busy with cons etc.

Girls, this guy is the greatest pick up artist EVER. You will be swept away.

Enjoy. Dimitri.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wowio free comics

If you ever wanted to read the first thing I ever wrote, Singularity 7, ( it's sold out basically now ) then you can now for free on Wowio. Same deal with the now impossible to find Blood Stained Sword, written by Dan Wickline that I drew.

Infact there should be a bunch of IDW titles over there now, with more being released in the weeks to come.

EDIT: yes, their website seems to be down until next month, due to them dealing with the new properties they'll be carrying. So just a little wait.

Singularity 7

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sydney Supanova Popculture Expo

So I've been out and about flying down to Sydney and across to Perth for the series of cons that are called Supanova Popculture Expos. Sydney was a blast. Thanks to all who came out and said hi, and the organizers for making it a fun time. Smoothest run thing I've ever seen. They really take care of the guests. This was what it looked like before the masses were allowed entry.

Sydney Supanova comic con event

Much drinking and eating was also done.

Joe Jusko

Joe Jusko is very awesome. Don't let anyone tell you different. Plus, he's an excellent painter.

I'll have the Jellyfish and Pigs trotter...

I'll have the Jellyfish and Pigs trotter...

Fried Pigeon

Fried Pigeon. And it was good.

The boys.

Jason Chatfield ( who draws the longest running comic strip in Australia, Ginger Meggs ) Tim McEwan and some tosser on the far right.


Wolloomalooloorooboo. I had one of the best meals of my life here at the wharf.

Sydney on the water

Bonus points to Sydney for having a real CBD, purposeful landscape and design of it's city to make it look pretty. I wish Perth did the same. maybe it'll get it's act together in a decade or so. Things *are* changing in my home city.

Joe Jusko. With Alcohol.

Joe Jusko. With Alcohol. He comes prepared.

Hotel room podcast

Hotel room podcasting with the convention peeps. With plenty of alcohol. I will link the end result later.

How not to do check in, by QANTAS

And now off to the Perth convention over the weekend.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fell. With Paul Bettany

Will you just look what I found over here.

thanks to lollobrigida!

If you like this one, there's plenty more in the link.

A thing of beauty.

Some very pretty spins on Fell, the visual style, and a pretty cool idea for who could play him in film I reckon. Full credit to dontburnhot. Sorry, don't know your real name.

Now I'm off for 20 hours on a plane!

Deadspace Cover

You know, I keep forgetting there's another book coming out with my name somewhere on it. Deadspace, from Image comics. This here is a cover for...#5 I do believe.

I'm about to head out to Australia, for some cons ( check my main website on the right hand side for details on them in the appearances section.) Should be a blast in Sydney and Perth. My bloggings may be a bit irregular bt I will not disappear while on the road too much. ( I hope. Internet in Australia is in the stone age compared to most western countries alas. Thanks Telstra. )

A Deadspace cover

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Treasure Island Comics Signing

Treasure Island Comics Signing
An actual retail store! That's like, friendly to the public and such!

Treasure Island Comics Signing
A staged shot for the signing during an unrushed moment, since, well, when the signing was on, it was actually bloody busy.

Treasure Island Comics Signing
Go look up what a Dirty Bronson is...

Treasure Island Comics Signing

Treasure Island Comics Signing
Any good signing starts and finishes with a good bottle of alcohol. ( Or any bottle of alcohol, should a good one not be found )

Treasure Island Comics Signing
...and cups...lots of cups.

Treasure Island Comics Signing
Mmm goooood...

Treasure Island Comics Signing
Yeah, uh, still kinda good.

Treasure Island Comics Signing
Several shots later.

Treasure Island Comics Signing
The Treasure Island Comics Crew.

Alex ( owner ) Mike and Erik. New words/phrases learned during this signing include: Dirty Bronson, Scrotum Pole and Bromance.

Treasure Island Comics Signing
Afterwards, Korean Sushi. Which apparently includes the "Chuck Norris".

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wormwood 1. Gentleman Zombie

The first French edition of Wormwood. Yes, a slight name change and a new cover to volume 01. Will be over there in September for its launch. ( Because Delcourt, the publisher is super awesome and nice to me.

Also: don't forget, if you're in the Fremont area in Califawwwnia, I'll be signing at Treasure Island Comics today, from 2pm til 7pm.

Treasure Island Comics 40819 Fremont Blvd. Fremont, CA 94538 510.770.1168

Wormwood 1. Gentleman Zombie

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Out of print Wormwood issues...

If you ever wanted the earliest issues of Wormwood but can't find them ( They've been sold out and out of print for ages and I get asked by people desperate for some issues all the time ) then I did just spy a complete collection up to issue #7 here, so if it floats your boat, happy bidding!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Currently ( among many things ) on the work desk 66. Welcome to Hoxford.

Here's a half inked page...


And a bunch of character roughs for some of the lovely, friendly chaps in the book.

Welcome to Hoxford characters...

Welcome to Hoxford characters...

Welcome to Hoxford characters...

Welcome to Hoxford characters...

Welcome to Hoxford characters...
it's starting to creep me out, I'm getting offers for interviews in actual print magazines over this Hoxford thing. Don't they know there's werewolf necrophilia and talking rats in this thing?

"The darkest thing you've yet done, Ben" is how editor in Chief Chris Ryall explains it. If I showed this stuff to places like Wizard magazine they'd probably just call the cops on me at this point...and let's not talk about all the "personal research" I had to go through... IDW Publishing have guts!

The first issue is basically done and I'm ripping into #2 now. Literally. I mean, you've seen how I draw.

Something appears to be disrupting the blog feed to my main website, making the news section of the site go down until 2pm west coast US time each day btw, not sure what's going on, but hopefully will be fixed soon.

Thursday, June 05, 2008


Lots of appearance details for this, and other things, can be found on the main page of



I am quite the tard, so I only just saw this. Quite possibly the nicest things ever said about my work. Thankyou sir.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


While I was trying to get some brief downtime after BEA, I managed to crack open my special DVD of Jumpers and see if Hayden Christensen could act. He's not as wooden as he was in Star Wars sure, but he still gave me splinters.

What kind of got me most though was the making of doco, where Doug Liman explains he likes taking books ( etc ) to adapt to film, where the first thing he does is "rip their guts out" and mess with it completely. Brilliant. Just what you want a guy to do when adapting a work ( Jumpers was based on a book ).

I dunno, there's merits to reworking something for film, I always considered the movie 30 Days of Night to be a completely separate beast to the comic, but to hear a guy express such glee that he completely guts the original work he's turning to a film was a bit...unsettling.

Tomorrow...some Welcome to Hoxford interiors. ( or at least real sneak peaks at some. )

WORMWOOD: VOLUME 01 Third Printing Confirmed


Now going into it's 3rd printing ( not including a special book club printing run ) I think this book has now become the most successful thing I've ever written and drawn...purely by little old me. Why??? Is it the traces of cocaine I have imprinted on each page that when touched seep slowly into your bloodstream?

Many thanks to all who've ever picked one up, as well as the over a thousand people who have a copy on backorder right now.

From IDW Publishing, the book will have the same content and cover as previous editions, including an intro by the wonderful and talented Mr David Slade.

And just to make it an even better day, Wormwood Volume 03 Calamari Rising hits stores for the first time TODAY.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Wormwood: Calamari Rising TPB Out This Week

Wormwood: Calamari Rising

Wormwood: Calamari Rising is out this week! The third TPB, look for it in all good book stores and comic shops.

This cover should be featured in an upcoming issue of Advanced Photoshop Magazine as I walk through the entire process to create it.

BEA and G.I. Joe

Back from BEA. Was quite fun. Highlights for me was definitely seeing Mr Brian Lynch, ( Mr Angel comics writer extraordinaire ) Cory Doctorow ( Google him and Rantz Hoseley ( Who I've frequently been abusing on twitter and gifted me a beautiful print by Jock)

I didn't take many photos, but here they are:


If you ever come to one of my signings, please bring your finger.


Yeah, someone stuck Wormwood all over the walls at BEA.


IDW Publishing was at BEA more than most publishers. These were all over the walls and doors.


The big announcement was made official at BEA. I'm looking forward to some Joe stuff! Wait and see...( I'm begging them to let me take a little stab at something )