Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Templesmith in America 15: My Comic-con Finale

Ok, so after the usual convention stuff, I got whisked away to a greenroom upstairs where people go to prepare for press stuff and bigger official appearances.

Stan Lee was up there. ( Yes, he's still alive ) Liv Tyler was there. Robert Downy Jr was there and so was Ed Norton among others.



Apparently this means Disney employees may only drink warm shitty coke, as opposed to everyone else who gets coffee, tea, water, you name it, on the other side of the room.


After waiting around in the green room, I got taken out to a line of reporters and cameras, all basically looking for a sound bite and asking the same questions about the 30 Days of Night film. I did maybe 9 of those things.

Then it was out of there and into some print journalist press conference, with Josh Hartnett, Sam Raimi, David Slade, Ben Foster, Steve Niles and myself. The questions were much more intelligent and people got to speak a lot more indepth. Sam was incredibly nice and cited my artwork as a big reason for wanting to turn 30 Days into a film. The audio for the interview can be found here.


Then it was of to the big hall, for the public panel and sneak peek at the film. Here's backstage.


And then, we went out there and did the thing.


There weren't many people, as you can see.


Here's a couple snippets where I was vaguely relevant to actually being on the panel. Most of the questions were for Sam. Important things like what his favourite icecream was. Um, yeah.

Then, it was off backstage again for some kind of group shot.


And then it was off to a signing with all of us scribbling on posters. I did a little vamp sketch on basically every single one. Maybe one or two people who got posters had ever read the comic. Ah well.


Then, it was sleepy time. David and I were effing knackered. And that brought the whole thing to a close. We went to dinner and crashed.


Templesmith in America 14: Tuesday Comic-Con Recovery Pt2

Ok, so here's basically what I got up to on the Saturday. My busiest day. Basically it was taken up with a huge signing at IDW Publishing, for which I have no pics as I was so busy and signing of movie posters at the Gentle Giant booth ( who are doing some amazing busts of the movie characters among other things ) and then off to some press stuff and a panel with 7000 people in a gigantic hall as big as Paris Hilton's ego. Ironically, the number of people it holds is also the number of STD's she's contracted over the years too. But more on that in the final Comic-con update I have.

The beginning of what is usually the busiest day or Comic-con. The Saturday. ( Though I didn't see much difference with the Sunday this year. )


Not sure if it was part of the Gentle Giant Booth but hey, who cares? A giant Jabba and Princess Leia slave girl posing. White Slavery is apparently, still kinda cool. Many little girls posed with the model. Truly we have come a long way as a civilization.


This was, perhaps, a mistake.


Jabba. You don't get better than Jabba.


biggest board my name is ever likely to be on I think.



Templesmith in America 13: Tuesday Comic-Con Recovery

Before I get to the final big updates on what I got up to at Comic-con, just got sent a link to a rather extensive article on me, the movie and my other work here.

Heading to IDW today so might not get a chance to update properly until I return from the trip.


Yes. He's a Never Nude.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Templesmith in America 12: A Chat with David Slade

Friday afternoon was the meet up with David Slade, director of HARD CANDY and 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, who was down for the con for a couple days. David is a truly nice bloke, and amazingly wanted to interview me for my spotlight at the con, all about little ol' me, since I was a special guest this year.

Apparently it went ok. People considered us rather funny and humourous, which is good and after awhile I actually got into it. Good crowd too. Well over 100 people. Thanks to those who showed up!




On the way out of the spotlight, we spotted the Redneck Jedi. We couldn't really resist and had to sk him a few questions...


Ahem...after that, we had to head out for a special meeting. David had business, and I was able to tag along and got properly introduced to Grant Morrison and his lovely wife before the Sci Fi party kickstarted. ( hopefully I'll have some interesting news that comes from that one later on! ) I also got to chat with Don Murphy, of Transformers fame among other things.


Sci Fi party...before the Sci Fi party.


Then it was off to the Gentle Giant/Dark Horse party. Among others I got to chat with Mike Richardson about the project we're always threatening to do together and Jeff Henderson, the storyboard artist for 30 Days.


Then off to the William Morris party, which was bloody hard to get into! Still I finally got to have a decent chat with Matt Fraction, rather than a couple of "hey, how are you's" which was super nice. Thought Warren might be there but no dice.


For some reason, a large cauldron with firey stones is apparently cool to have around drunk people.


Convention center on the rooftop at the William Morris party.

Courtesy of David Slade using my camera properly.



More on the con next update.

Templesmith in America 11: Monday Recovery Part 3. Age of Insects

Another booth I did signings at was "Age of Insects". I've done covers for their book 1 and 2 of the same name. Sparky the author thought up an interesting way to get some attention. Drape a girl in cockroaches. Below is some of the results. Check the website for more details, and here to buy the first book.



Templesmith in America 10: Monday Recovery Part 2

Alrighty, here's a few more images from the con. This basically all takes place before the Friday spotlight I did and the big stuff I did on Saturday for 30 Days of Night the film.

Yes. She is a real amputee. This is either very cool, or very sad depending on how you look at it.

Busy. The stench of Nerd Pheromones near overwhelmed me. Even I nearly geeked out.

Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse scupt coming soon
Recognize this little chap? San cigarette but more on a possible limited edition Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse bust coming soon.

Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse scupt coming soon

Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse scupt coming soon

Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse scupt coming soon

Templesmith. Grr. Arg.

Templesmith. Grr. Arg.

Thanks to Rene for sending me this pic.


Later that night. IDW party. Yes, that guy's back is rather sweaty. Mmmmm, lovely man sweat. The most common element, like hydrogen, in the universe of Comic-con.


3am outside the Hyatt bar. We are among the last to leave.

Templesmith in America 9: Monday Recovery.

So the nerdgasm that is Comic-con is over for another year.

Thank Satan's hairy nutsack.

Today the brain is mush and the body aches. I am surprised to learn Warren Ellis is still alive. I told him so on Sunday too. Hope he's having fun in Arizona now.

What follows is a roughly chronological ejaculation of how it all went down, at least for the wednesday and thursday, before the real fun stuff began which I'll touch upon later. And yes, I did attempt to use the word "ejaculate" in a sense other than the one intended.

Before I say anything else though, I want to give a huge shout out to everyone that came out to meet me, either for a chat or to get books signed. I don't get many chances to meet the peeps who buy the books I do, so it means a lot you guys took the time to make it over to San Diego.




Drinking before signings is recommended at Comic-con. As early as you can fit it in basically.


Drinking with me, was none other than Brett Weldele, an amazing artist who is available for work! Nudge nudge, wink wink. We swapped war stories while in the field of battle.


Back in the con, I was beginning my annual dash between booths...I think it was about 7 this year I had people to meet at and sign at that I've done work for. Quite insane. Frank Beddor and Liz Cavalier for Hatter M, ( with a beautiful new hardcover volume out collecting our Hatter M miniseries ) was one of the first I stopped at and did some signings.


After all that, I did manage to fit in some of the more important activities however. Though amazingly, I think this was one of my more sober years and I had even more fun.

Alrighty, off for some recovery breakfast, then later some of the bigger news of my Comic-con survival experience.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Templesmith in America 8: Comic-con Wheel of Death.

It's Sunday of Comic-con. One day to go. Knackered. Had zero time to compile and post real updates. Will update the antics and news with lots of photos after today I think. Going to try and seek out Warren Ellis briefly, still got a signing left and will hang at Image and IDW to sign still if folks come by the booth.

For now though...

Yes, that's Sam Raimi. Saying some very nice words about my art during a press conference.


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Templesmith in America 7: Comic-con News Day 01.

At con.


Pictures to come.

In lobby of Hilton scabbing free wireless.

Met Mr WARRREN ELLIS, Warren, if I don't see you the rest of the con, it was an honour sir.

I am still drinking.

Pictures to come.

One more signing today, at Fox Atomic, at 5pm-6pm

Thanks to all who have shown up so far at my booth appearances!

I am still drinking.

Tonight, I have a dinner, with some fine fine people, among them, Antony Johnston, where we'll discuss our new project DEADSPACE, and then, IDW is throwing a party.

Nerdgasm is in full spawning mode.

Templesmith in America 6: Comic-con News.

Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse Volume 01 is getting a second printing due to demand.

That's basically my cool news from the con thus far.

Oh, and the Gentle Giant boys have made some AMAZING looking vampire sculpts.

Caught up with a bunch of people, including the man, the legend, they myth, that is the mega talent Ash Wood. He's got some cool toy stuff going on at the con I'm keen to check out at some point.

Got to try and say hi to Warren Ellis too at some point.

Templesmith in America 5: Comic-con begins.

Con. Preview night. Tired already. Unnngh!

Nah, already met up with a bunch of people and touched base. Been great so far. Had dinner with the Age Of Insect guys...and boy, do they have something planned tomorrow...stay tuned.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Templesmith in America 4: Comic-con is about to begin

The Bondi Bar. A real Australian food place in downtown San Diego. The first one in America, but if all goes well, not the last. Owned by people from my own city, Perth.

This is the real Aussie place. And classy too. None of that bad American stereotype based only on a shit movie.( Yes, "Outback" I mean your shitty take on Australia which I find borderline offensive now )


My art, actually on a van! Details about what it is...uh, on the van!




And now, I'm about to head out of the hotel for the beginning of the con preview night. Postings from here on in might be a little sporadic, but I'll endeavor to check in and post my antics. ( well, assuming the police don't confiscate my camera while I'm being arrested )