Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Templesmith in America 14: Tuesday Comic-Con Recovery Pt2

Ok, so here's basically what I got up to on the Saturday. My busiest day. Basically it was taken up with a huge signing at IDW Publishing, for which I have no pics as I was so busy and signing of movie posters at the Gentle Giant booth ( who are doing some amazing busts of the movie characters among other things ) and then off to some press stuff and a panel with 7000 people in a gigantic hall as big as Paris Hilton's ego. Ironically, the number of people it holds is also the number of STD's she's contracted over the years too. But more on that in the final Comic-con update I have.

The beginning of what is usually the busiest day or Comic-con. The Saturday. ( Though I didn't see much difference with the Sunday this year. )


Not sure if it was part of the Gentle Giant Booth but hey, who cares? A giant Jabba and Princess Leia slave girl posing. White Slavery is apparently, still kinda cool. Many little girls posed with the model. Truly we have come a long way as a civilization.


This was, perhaps, a mistake.


Jabba. You don't get better than Jabba.


biggest board my name is ever likely to be on I think.



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