Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Templesmith in America 15: My Comic-con Finale

Ok, so after the usual convention stuff, I got whisked away to a greenroom upstairs where people go to prepare for press stuff and bigger official appearances.

Stan Lee was up there. ( Yes, he's still alive ) Liv Tyler was there. Robert Downy Jr was there and so was Ed Norton among others.



Apparently this means Disney employees may only drink warm shitty coke, as opposed to everyone else who gets coffee, tea, water, you name it, on the other side of the room.


After waiting around in the green room, I got taken out to a line of reporters and cameras, all basically looking for a sound bite and asking the same questions about the 30 Days of Night film. I did maybe 9 of those things.

Then it was out of there and into some print journalist press conference, with Josh Hartnett, Sam Raimi, David Slade, Ben Foster, Steve Niles and myself. The questions were much more intelligent and people got to speak a lot more indepth. Sam was incredibly nice and cited my artwork as a big reason for wanting to turn 30 Days into a film. The audio for the interview can be found here.


Then it was of to the big hall, for the public panel and sneak peek at the film. Here's backstage.


And then, we went out there and did the thing.


There weren't many people, as you can see.


Here's a couple snippets where I was vaguely relevant to actually being on the panel. Most of the questions were for Sam. Important things like what his favourite icecream was. Um, yeah.

Then, it was off backstage again for some kind of group shot.


And then it was off to a signing with all of us scribbling on posters. I did a little vamp sketch on basically every single one. Maybe one or two people who got posters had ever read the comic. Ah well.


Then, it was sleepy time. David and I were effing knackered. And that brought the whole thing to a close. We went to dinner and crashed.


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smoky man said...

Ciao Ben!
It's smoky from Italy. Do you remember me?
Congrats for yr Art. I can't wait to see the 30days of night movie. Yr Fell series is simply... a blast!

Found yr blog surfing around the web. I'll visit it again, you bet!

From Sardinina, Italy
smoky man!