Monday, July 16, 2007

Art Prints!

I am absolutely knackered the last few days, and no doubt will be right until I leave Australia for the San Diego Comic-con shortly. ( yeah, guess who is on the special guest list ) Artist block is a pain in the butt I tell you.

I'll update on con appearance times, where I'll be and what's going on with my little Q & A spotlight session shortly.

Limited edition prints of Felecia Pussnkop and Starbird Black are now available from Kings Comics in Sydney. Because they are especially nice chaps, that's why. Each print is 14" high by 17" wide and are printed with Ultrachrome inks on heavy stain rag paper and are signed and numbered. Only 5 of each image have been printed so stocks are VERY limited. ( And remember, prices are in Aussie dollars, so cheaper than US dollars ) Here's what they say:


This is the first in series of EXCLUSIVE prints for KINGS COMICS and available only from us.

The limited edition KINGS COMICS branded BEN TEMPLESMITH print features FELECIA PUSSNKOP from the art book CONLUVIO. The print is limited to a run of 5 copies (plus one proof-not for sale), which are all Signed and Numbered by the Artist.

The Prints are printed on 310gsm stain rag paper with Ultrachrome inks, that creates a slight metalic finish to the printed areas



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