Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Templesmith in America 4: Comic-con is about to begin

The Bondi Bar. A real Australian food place in downtown San Diego. The first one in America, but if all goes well, not the last. Owned by people from my own city, Perth.

This is the real Aussie place. And classy too. None of that bad American stereotype based only on a shit movie.( Yes, "Outback" I mean your shitty take on Australia which I find borderline offensive now )


My art, actually on a van! Details about what it is...uh, on the van!




And now, I'm about to head out of the hotel for the beginning of the con preview night. Postings from here on in might be a little sporadic, but I'll endeavor to check in and post my antics. ( well, assuming the police don't confiscate my camera while I'm being arrested )

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