Monday, July 02, 2007

Bugger. The end of Dr Who Series 3.

Now what am I supposed to bother watching? I have to admit, the ending was a bit "meh" but still, it was Dr Who. Compared to the vast majority of effluent that is paraded on tv down here it's positively Shakespearian. I can pretty much describe the experience of watching most Australian TV content as like having a large pipe with shards of glass and nails inset shoved up your rectum while you're laying naked on a large ants nest covered in honey.

Well I guess there's always Torchwood, and

( Oh shush you lot, I grew up with the show on TV and still love it to bits, even if it's a bit camp. We live in a world that is making a new "Thundercats" movie fer christ's sake! )


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